Thursday, November 18, 2010

Web Series Review - THE BAY, Book 2, Ep. 3

With the final installment of Book 2 of The Bay, we see the stand-off at Henry's Hat come to an end with some bloodshed. Rex (Tristan Rogers) and Igor (Camden Toy, pictured above) both end up with some lead in them. Somehow...gee, I have the feeling that Sexy Rexy will come out of this okay. It's the scene-stealing maniacal awesome Igor that I'm worried about. I really hope he'll survive to wreak havoc another day. And is it just me or was there some truth to Igor's claims about the affair with Brian (Dylan Bruce)? Why else is Brian so eager to just let Igor die right there on the floor like a dog?

Isabella (played beautifully by Claire-Louise Sedgley) comes across some disturbing photographs from her attack left outside of her home. For me, the whole storyline with Elliot Sanders (Charles Shaughnessy) and Isabella has been riveting. My only complaint is I have to wait a week to see just a few more minutes of the storyline.

After the attack is over, Pete Garrett (Kristos Andrews) apparently suffers from a little too much hard partying and goes into spasms.

Thus, the cliffhanger for Book Two of The Bay. Find this episode at the link.

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