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Deanna Meske -- actress, model and entrepreneur -- tells us about her web series, Government Lies, as well as her career in film and television.  Among current and upcoming guest stars for the Government Lies web series are Lane Davies (well remembered for his role as "Mason Capwell" on the NBC soap opera Santa Barbara) and Jacqueline Fleming ("Harriet Tubman" from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter).  To find out more about the show, check out the IndieGoGo campaign at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/government-lies-the-series--41

OUTTAKES:  Tell us what GOVERNMENT LIES is about.

DM:  GOVERNMENT LIES is a thriller/suspense story. It starts out with Erica. She’s one of the main characters. In the opening scene, she’s having an affair while her husband is away in Afghanistan at war. He’s been away for a while. She starts to feel guilty; and she breaks off the affair right at the beginning of the episode. She goes down[stairs] while her husband is going to leave. Tom, her husband, comes home and shocks her. She’s in this predicament. At the end of the episode, the lover ends up being killed. It looks like Erica did it; and she gets arrested. The FBI get involved; and the police and military say that her husband is actually dead. So we don’t know if she actually imagined if he came home. Or did he come home? Because we have an actual official notice saying that he is dead. Now she’s on the run. That is when Lane Davies comes in. He’s actually a friend from the past who works with the FBI. She’s on the run now trying to find out what’s going on and who killed her lover. She says that she didn’t do it, but she has lapses in her memory. It’s a suspense thriller with government elements, meaning there’s different people in the government and other groups that have big secrets. Somehow Erica and Tom and Jake (played by Lane Davies) are somehow involved with all of this. There’s mind control elements, brainwashing. Kind of a sci-fi mix when it comes to that.

OUTTAKES:  We already have two episodes out now (as of December 4, 2013). When can we expect the next episodes to come?

DM:  Episode three has been filmed; and it’s in post-production right now. I would say probably within the next two weeks. It’s actually done. And we’re scheduled to shoot episodes four and five from December 17th to 19th of this year. The latest would be the middle of January.

OUTTAKES:  The first episode was around five minutes. The second was ten. Are they going to be ten-minute episodes from now on?

IDM:  ’m really working to get them down to seven minute episodes. That was my original goal in the first place. The second one went a little longer where you had the “previously” section. The pace is going to pick up. Even though it’s pretty good now, it’s going to move a lot faster than it did in Episode two.

OUTTAKES:  What inspired you to come up with this story?

DM:  I’ve always been an actor in the 48-Hour Film Festival Project -- which is basically that filmmakers get together; and they have 48 hours to make a film. I’ve always been cast as an actor. The last year that they did it, I was cast as a lead which was great…but I wanted to produce my own and write my own characters. I always get cast in these very typical cute girl roles. I wanted to play something deeper and grittier. So I put together my own production team. I found a writer that I liked; and he had this idea. He gave me his script. I tweaked it up a little bit. When we filmed it and shot it for the 48-Hour Film Festival -- as I was watching it, I saw that this could totally be a web series. Everybody I talked to about it said, no way, it can’t be a web series. It is so obvious that she killed him; and what are you going to do with it? I said, oh just wait. I have ideas on how we can twist this and turn this and make it into a web series.

OUTTAKES:  That’s pretty interesting that this started out as a short film…

DM:  A short film that was filmed with no planning. No rehearsing. Nothing. In 48 hours, you shoot it and you edit it and you post it. We just got on the set and we did it. We didn’t have any rehearsal. So it still turned out pretty good, especially for something shot in that short of a time with no preproduction planning. You don’t really know what your genre is until that day you have to shoot. So we didn’t know we were going to use that script before seven o’clock that night; and we had to start shooting that night.

OUTTAKES:  How did you get Lane Davies to get involved with this series?

We were co-stars. It was one of the first TV series that I did as an actor. I just moved here from Florida to New Orleans. I had played one little role in Florida; and then I came to New Orleans and I booked this TV show. And he was the lead in it. We met and stayed in touch. I kept telling him that I really wanted to get him in one of my series. I had made this other series called NEW ORLEANS PIE. It’s more of a college comedy, so I couldn’t find a way to fit him into that. And then this one came. And I was like, oh, this is perfect! He would be perfect for this role. He said, yes, definitely. And so he was on board for that. 

DM:  We also have Jacqueline Fleming who has come on board for GOVERNMENT LIES. She’s been in lots of things. She’s been in ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER. She played Harriet Tubman. She just booked a lead in a pilot that might get the green light to shoot in New Orleans.

OUTTAKES:  How can people contribute to the series?

DM:  We have a couple of different ways. We definitely need contributions because I could make this move a lot faster. We have an IndieGoGo campaign where people can get prizes there. But I’m looking for companies that want to do product placement. Because I’m the creator of the show, I can put anybody’s product or service right into the show. We can use links. We can visually show the products. We could actually have the actors talk about the product -- built into the script so that it’s very natural and seamless.

OUTTAKES:  Will there be more of the NEW ORLEANS PIE episodes coming up as well?

DM:  I have four of those in the can. The reason why those aren’t out is because that is my trial web series. I was a new filmmaker. I did not go to school for filmmaking. I have since taken some seminars, but at that point I did not go to school. So I was learning; and I had this idea. I still have it. It’s a great web series idea with older women going back to college later in life and just running into all of these random crazy things. I can probably get all four episodes out by the end of January. They’re already filmed and mostly edited. I just have to tweak a few things. I’m actually co-editing on those as well so that takes a little bit of time.

OUTTAKES:  Do you think that scripted drama on the internet is the future of entertainment as opposed to regular television?

IDM:   watch all of my TV on the internet right now. I watch it all on NetFlix; and I sometimes will watch on Amazon. I think it’s going to be filtered through the bigger companies. I’m submitting GOVERNMENT LIES to a place called WIGS right now. It is a channel where they show short films and series. So you have to filter it through a channel. If you watch the CW Channel on Web TV, all their main shows are on there. They have advertisements for their web series. And they have two original web series right now. I think you’re going to find that more and more. The trick is how you’re going to make money doing it so that you can make better productions.

OUTTAKES:  Aside from shooting these web series and running Outlook Productions, you’re also an actress and a model. What upcoming projects do you have going on that people can see you in?

DM:  Right now I have a film called ELSA AND FRED. That was my most prestigious role to date. I play a role opposite Shirley MacLaine, Christopher Plummer and Scott Bakula. That movie should be coming out. And I just shot a Nioxin hair commercial in DC. I have six episodes coming out on The Food Network on a show called MYSTERY DINERS. I play an undercover agent in that show. So that’s kind of fun; and that’s out right now. I have another show coming out. They haven’t told us the name. It’s on Investigation Discovery; and I play a really gritty role. I play this killer; and it was a very non-attractive role. It was really fun playing that. It’s kind of an evil role too. That should be coming out soon; they haven’t told us the name of show yet but it’s brand new. We filmed that in Mexico.

OUTTAKES:  What inspired you to want to become an actor?

DM:  I always knew that I wanted to be in the entertainment industry. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do. Before I started acting, I was thinking maybe I should be a singer. I started looking into that; but I was just too shy to sing in front of people. And I thought I can’t even do this. This isn’t going to work for me. My voice is getting better, but I could just never see myself performing. And then I went out and auditioned for this role for a short film. I got a part; and I thought, oh this is so much fun. It felt so natural to me. It felt like this is what I needed to do. That’s when I moved to New Orleans and started acting here to build up my career. I pretty much knew right away when I got on the set.

OUTTAKES:  What advice would you give for actors trying to break into show business?

DM:  I would advise to only keep positive people in your life who believe in you. Be prepared for people to say the famous things when you tell them you’re an actor. Oh, that’s a tough career. Oh, that’s a hard business. Oh, it’s hard to make it in that business. Get used to that -- or just don’t tell people that you’re an actor -- because people will say that to you left and right; and it can really discourage you and make you want to give up sometimes. I would say just ignore those people. Figure out the game. You’ve got to figure out your strengths of how you fit in and where you fit in. I’m still figuring that out. And make your own content. That’s why I make my own content. Because it helps me as an actor. It helps me understand the business; and it helps me build relationships with directors and producers…and just get it out there.

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SHAWN CHRISTIAN (Daniel Jonas, Days of Our Lives) joins OutTakes to talk about Addicts Anonymous, a mockumentary about a college addiction program that handles all addictions in the same room at the same time.  Shawn is executive producer and co-writer of the series, along with Jack Briggs, Freddie Smith and Nate Hartley.  Episode 1 premieres Tuesday, Nov. 26th at 6 PM EST at http://addictsanonymous.tv/


OUTTAKES:  Addicts Anonymous has a release date of November 26th.  Where can we see it?

SC:  You’re going to see the premiere this Tuesday on our website.  We’re going to air the first episode.  And we’re going to continue every successive Tuesday after that right on up to New Year’s Eve – which will be the sixth episode – the season finale.  We’re excited about it.  We’re also sending it out to people at Fox, MGM, Amazon, Hulu and Netflix.  We thought, why not do both?  It can also be on the internet.  We can get followers and build on the momentum that we’ve already got going on now.

OUTTAKES:  Is this a TV show…or a webseries…with the six episodes?

SC:  We’re open for any possibility.  Ideally, I think it would be best seen as a television series on cable.  Somebody had approached me as perhaps doing it as a film.  That would take a little more work, but it’s possible.  We have it edited down to an hour.  Six roughly 12-minute episodes.  That was released at our earlier screening [in Tennessee] almost like a movie…in succession, one right after another.  We’ll see what people are excited about and how they want to present it.

OUTTAKES:  So Addicts Anonymous is like The Breakfast Club for this generation?

SC:  This is what I was discussing with the guys [Freddie Smith, Jack Briggs and Nate Harley] to begin with before we sat down and wrote the six episodes.  The characters are not literally addicts; they’re on the cusp of addiction.  Of course, real addiction is a real problem.  So we have a comedy twist with those people who have the potential to turn into addicts.  Gary Goldberg, our lovable life coach (played by Freddie Smith, pictured above), does a great job of fostering that idea:  that we are here to thwart it before it becomes an addiction.  We try to make that distinction in Episode One.

OUTTAKES:  And you play Gary Goldberg’s father on the show?

SC:  Yes.  Lori Loughlin and I play delinquent parents (pictured below).  When we were creating the show, we were asking who Gary’s parents would be and how would we bring them on.  What we wanted to do was to help define why he is the way that he is because he grew up in such a dysfunctional family.  His father is a bit of a travel addict, never really spent a lot of time in Gary’s life and doesn’t know much about him.  And Gary has spent the majority of his life trying to prove himself to his father.  So now you get a sense of why Gary is so committed to his students and speaking out…getting across to these kids.  We had some really nice scenes.  Some were kind of provocative that really bring you to the edge…but they didn’t really serve trying to define Gary.  I’m sure in the DVD release, we’ll put some of those deleted scenes in there.  It’ll be fun.

OUTTAKES:  What is it that attracted you to this project?

SC:  Freddie had a clip of it on his phone in the makeup room; and I took a look at it.  They had been tinkering with this for five years.  So I asked if we could sit down and talk.  I pitched them my vision for what the show could be.  So we collaborated together with their vision and my vision.  It continued to build and grow.  This great momentum came about.  The four of us sat down; and we wrote for weeks.  It came together very nicely, I thought.  A wonderful process when we got together.  We each had our unique voices that leant to what people will see with these episodes.

OUTTAKES:  You’ve already had a successful screening and Kickstarter campaign.  If people want to continue to participate and contribute to the series, is there a way for them to do so?

SC:  Yes.  We are not non-profit; so we have to give something in return.  We give out headshots, scripts…things like that.  People can contribute at http://www.addictsanonymous.tv/.  And we’ll give them something in return.  You can also buy Addicts Anonymous tee shirts that have “Addicts Anonymous” on the front; and then on the back, asks what your addiction is.  As we have gone from the screening, we still spread the campaign of #SpreadTheAddiction and #WhatsYourAddiction.  I’ve already tweeted out a couple of people who wore tee shirts.  One woman was on a horse; and her addiction is horses.  Another one likes animals; and so I tweeted that out.  If I get pictures of them via Twitter, I will retweet them if they’re wearing a tee shirt and doing their so-called addiction…as long as it’s clean!  (laughs)

OUTTAKES:  You created Moonshine Entertainment Company.  What do you like about being a producer?

SC:  As an actor, I can only paint a certain part of the picture.  Days of Our Lives is a huge landscape; and what I do as “Dan” is a small bit that makes up the better whole.  As executive producer, I get to help paint the whole picture.  I have more of a thumbprint into what this show is going to look like and what it’s going to be.  Of course, you collaborate with your co-producers as well.  When you write and produce, your voice is lent to a bigger part of the canvas.  I really enjoy that.  I had a great time doing that with Spanners; and now that author has written two more books.  We’ll see how it goes.  We may make a movie out of those as well.  I’m optioning rights to a book now that I would like to make into a movie.  There’s a story out of the Netherlands that I’ve gotten hold of based on a true story; and I’m getting documentation on that right now…and perhaps will build a script out of that.  That’s more like a political thriller.  The other is the battle for Atlantis; and that would be a huge big budget film.  So those are the other projects that I’m working on.  I’d love to do a romantic comedy; and I’m reading another script for that right now that I’d love to produce.  I find that with the executive producer hat, I have a little more creative control.  I really enjoy that part of it.  And with the name of Moonshine, part of it is shining light on the dark creative places and just putting it out there.

OUTTAKES:  As “Dan” on Days of Our Lives, you’re on the show quite a lot.  How do you find the time to do all of these producer projects along with playing a front burner storyline on the soap?

SC:  I don’t sleep.  Days of Our Lives has given me a great opportunity to do the things that I get to do and pay my bills…but also ultimately do what I love to do – which is act day in and day out.  It is like going to the gym.  It is literally a great creative workout for me.  It is as 9-to-5 as you can get in entertainment.  And for almost 50 years now, Days has been running.  It’s a nice little family environment; so I really enjoy that part of my life.  And there are so many other unknowns such as the scripts -- the political thriller, the romantic comedy.  And so, I don’t sleep.  Also, I’ve learned how to balance my personal life and spend time with the people I love.  And if you have to sacrifice time, the time to sacrifice is sleep.  Because I just want to do it all…like Paul Newman and Robert Redford who are not just great artists…but are also amazing philanthropists.  So in the meantime, I work with Arianne Zucker on the Arrow-Heart Adventure Camp, working with teens and doing character-building challenges and giving them camping experiences.  We are working with nonviolent juveniles who are either in the probation system or the detention system.  And we give them that adventure with the character-building program.  Over Thanksgiving, we are going to be giving them a big feast; and it will be like an Arrow-Heart Thanksgiving.  I’m so excited about that; and that’s the other part of what I love to do.  Creativity and philanthropy.  So if I can do both of those and balance my personal life…I love it; and that’s part of what inspires me.


Addicts Anonymous Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/addictstv

Addicts Anonymous Twitter page https://twitter.com/AddictsAnon


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THE DAY OF DAYS 2013 INTERVIEWS WITH ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS CAN BE HEARD HERE:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/outtakes/2013/11/12/outtakes-at-day-of-days-2013

Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  How does it feel playing Adrienne right now?  She’s gone in such a new direction from how we’re used to seeing her character.  Becoming very aggressive about the Will/Sonny pairing and against Sami.

JE:  It’s great because we all sometimes take a little side tour; and it’s not always the best side tour for us or in our lives.  In a way, it’s very realistic to real life.  I enjoy working; so whatever they want to throw at me, I’m willing to roll with it and run with it.  

OUTTAKES:  Have you been getting a lot of fan response because some people are just thinking that Adrienne is just out of her mind?

JE:  Yeah, the fans are pretty upset about Adrienne’s reaction.  But that’s good because you’re getting a reaction.  That’s better than not getting a reaction.  There has to be a catalyst.  There has to be somebody who’s not doing the right thing.  And it’s nice that a good girl is not doing the right thing. 

OUTTAKES:  It’s also cool seeing the dynamics between Justin and Adrienne.  I still enjoy them so much as a couple.  What is it that you think keeps them together as a couple? 

JE:  They love each other.  No matter if they agree, disagree, getting along, not getting along…they 100% love each other!  And who doesn’t want that?  Who doesn’t want somebody who is so dedicated and devoted to someone that even in the bad times, no matter what…I still love you.  That’s wonderful.  We all want that.  Marriage has its ups and downs, especially if you’ve been married for a long time…several times (laughs).  Naturally, there’s ups and downs so it’s nice to see that no matter how bad it gets, you still love each other and you’re still together.

OUTTAKES:  One of the funniest scenes that you were part of on DAYS in a long time was the scene with the pastries that JJ had put the drugs in.  Did you guys have a lot of fun taping that scene?

JE:  Oh my God, we had a blast doing that!  And funny, we all had a high from it as if it were all laced because it was so silly and fun and fabulous, especially because we were all involved in very dramatic storylines.  So it was nice to take that little break and have that little fun day.  It was wonderful.  We had a blast!  I wish we could do it again.  Although I gained ten pounds from eating pickles and olives and peanut butter and doughnuts…but you know, it was worth it.

OUTTAKES:  Season 4 of VENICE is coming out on DVD soon.  Do you have any other projects coming up?

JE:  I’m also involved in THE GROVE as well.  And I’ve been approached for a couple of other shows.  So I’m considering them and seeing what develops.


THE DAY OF DAYS 2013 INTERVIEWS WITH ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS CAN BE HEARD HERE:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/outtakes/2013/11/12/outtakes-at-day-of-days-2013

Wally Kurth (Justin Kiriakis, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  How have you been feeling playing Justin in this situation where you’re an attorney working for a crazy Dimera, always having to get EJ and Sami out of these scrapes?  

WK:  I loved the whole trial storyline and working with EJ, bringing Stefano down.  It was really just the greatest year ever.  It’s been so much fun being the smart conniving strong charming character that he is.  A businessman.  You don’t get to see him in that business mode very often; and yes, it was really fun to step into that storyline.  It was great.  And it was so much fun working with James and Ali…which is interesting because I never really worked with either one of them.  The writers really wrote great stuff for them; and it was just a really fun story.  I thought that the writers did a great job with the story.  I thought that it was really executed brilliantly; and I was on the edge of my seat when I read it.  I couldn’t wait to get into the script and see what I was going to do next.

OUTTAKES:  We’re also seeing Justin and Adrienne at odds.  Adrienne disapproving of what Justin is doing; and Justin disapproving of what Adrienne is doing.  We’re seeing some trouble in paradise.  In the 1980s, I loved Justin and Adrienne when they first got together.  People are still rooting for this couple to find their way to resolve their differences.  What is it about the couple of Justin and Adrienne that viewers like?

WK:  Oh, my gosh.  I wish I knew because honestly I can only assume that it is just Judi and I being together…and Judi being Judi, and me trying to be Wally.  And then they write this storyline for us; and we just jump in there with both feet and go for it.  I also think what is interesting is that you saw these young people…well, we were younger 20 years ago, 25 years ago…just getting started in this business.  In Salem.  Cut 20 years later, and here we are back together…and to see us still pretty good and with our grown children.  We have this maturity about ourselves and our life.  I know from an audience standpoint I like it when I watch it.  I’m like “Oh, now there’s Justin and Adrienne; and now they’re older.  They’re a mature couple; and they have a son.  And they’re dealing with issues that we’re all dealing with.”  Because a lot of fans saw us at that age 20 years ago when they were in high school or college; and 20 years later, they are now married with children.  And hopefully they can relate to us now just like they did back then.  And that’s the cool part.  That’s the cool part about soaps.  You don’t get that history.  You don’t get that longevity.  You don’t get that breadth.  That scope of a lifetime.  That’s the miracle of a soap.

OUTTAKES:  You also have the added storyline with what’s going on with Will and Sonny.  Dealing with Sonny coming out and all of the ramifications of that and him dealing with Will.  How has that storyline been as a parent?

WK:  It’s been great; and you know rightfully so.  Rejecting my son because he’s gay would be like rejecting my son for having brown eyes.  That’s what Justin said; and that’s exactly how he sees it.  Getting beyond that, now it’s about…is he being honored in that relationship?  And is Will a good fit for him?  I just look at it as if they were a heterosexual couple.  That’s how I would do it in real life.  And looking out for the best interest of my son, guiding my son like a parent would.  Once again, I think the writers have done a brilliant job of just expressing the concerns that a parent would have whether it be a heterosexual son or a homosexual son.  I think that’s really key and important.  From an acting standpoint, it’s lovely because I’ve never dealt with that.

OUTTAKES:  I’m not only a fan of yours as an actor but also as a musician.  Any more Kurth and Taylor concerts coming up?

WK:  Thank you!  Nothing right now.  We’re actually working on a new song.  I think what we’ll try to do…once we finish it, we’ll definitely get it out there, maybe do a video.  With Twitter and everything else, we’ll be able to get it out there to a few thousand people; and that’ll be pretty cool for people to see it and Facebook it and get a response.  That should be pretty sweet.  That’ll be fun.  In this new world of social media.  It used to be…OK, let’s make the CD, let’s make 10 songs.  We’ll press the CD.  We’ll put them in a suitcase and take them to our next concert.  Now we don’t need to do a concert.  We don’t even have to have a CD.  We just need to record the song and download it on iTunes.  You can go to YouTube and watch it.  We haven’t even done that yet because we haven’t had a new song for a couple of years.  But that’ll be fun.  That’ll be fun.


THE DAY OF DAYS 2013 INTERVIEWS WITH ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS CAN BE HEARD HERE:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/outtakes/2013/11/12/outtakes-at-day-of-days-2013

John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  Victor Kiriakis has some of the best lines in daytime.  He gives those insulting zingers that are just great!

JA:  Doesn’t he?  Am I lucky or not?

OUTTAKES:  You are lucky.  Do you have any input in that…or is that all the writers doing?

JA:  Mostly it’s all the writers.  Occasionally, I’ll write a line.  But for the most part, it’s the writers.  They’re terrific with Victor.

OUTTAKES:  You know what?  I’m thrilled to see Victor sort of getting his edge back.  He was married to Maggie.  He was kind of being nice for her.  But now we’re seeing bad guy Victor coming back again.  How do you like that?

JA:  I was cynical all of last year, for God’s sake!  What sort of thing is that for Victor to be doing?  Victor’s always much more fun certainly to play; and I think the audience enjoys him more when he’s a bit caustic.  

OUTTAKES:  I agree.  Do you have an all-time favorite storyline on DAYS that you’ve played?

JA:  I remember the old days when we had money.  We used to go on location; and I had some pretty terrific locations.  I went to Greece and I went to Florida.  I went white water rafting in the Kern river.  Those were all fun to do.  The Florida storyline was probably the best one.  

OUTTAKES:  I’m so glad you said that because that’s one of my favorites too.

JA:  Really?  Yes, when Kimberly seduces Victor to keep him from killing Shane.


THE DAY OF DAYS 2013 INTERVIEWS WITH ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS CAN BE HEARD HERE:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/outtakes/2013/11/12/outtakes-at-day-of-days-2013

Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  Why do you think DAYS has been on the air for almost 50 years?

SR:  I think it’s the storylines.  It’s the writing.  And it’s about family units.  I think that everyone who watches the show pretty much can relate to that.  We have for years had a lot of romances.  A lot of supercouples.  A lot of fun things.  I think that we do things that the audience wants to see.  They want to be connected and feel like they’re part of the show.

OUTTAKES:  What has been your favorite storyline as Maggie?

SR:  I loved the red shoes storyline which was a long time ago.  But the most recent storyline with John Aniston has been just great.  We never had one of those names like “Magic”…and now all of a sudden, the fans gave us this name; and that’s been fun for me.  I love it!

OUTTAKES:  You and John Aniston have such fun chemistry together.  Now Victor’s in hot water big time.  

SR:  You know he is!

OUTTAKES:  We’re seeing some of Victor Kiriakis, the villain, coming back. 

SR:  There you go!  But you know Maggie will whip him back into shape.

OUTTAKES:  What do you think it is about Victor and Maggie that the fans just love?  What is it about you two that is so popular?

SR:  Maggie was just a very sweet character that was married to a lawyer and was kind of in the background.  All of a sudden, when he [Mickey] passed away, she had to pull up her boot straps and move on.  She ran a business; and she didn’t need anything.  All of his [Victor’s] wives were needy.  They wanted him for his money, for his name, for his this, for his that.  And she kind of didn’t.  I think that’s what attracted him to her; and I think that’s what attracted her to him.

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THE DAY OF DAYS 2013 INTERVIEWS WITH ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS CAN BE HEARD HERE:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/outtakes/2013/11/12/outtakes-at-day-of-days-2013

Jen Lilley (Theresa Donovan, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  How do you like playing Theresa?

JL:  I love it.  It’s such a challenge for me. I love that every script has its twists and turns that I just did not see coming.  It’s an adventure and I love it.  I never get bored with her.  I think she’s fascinating.  

OUTTAKES:  She’s quite different from Queen Esther [from the movie THE BOOK OF ESTHER] and Maxie [GENERAL HOSPITAL].

JL:  No doubt about that.

OUTTAKES:  So Charles Shaughnessy and Patricia Pease, longtime favorites, have returned to the show as Teresa’s parents.  What was it like working with them?

JL:  It was so incredible.  Patsy is amazing.  She’s the most fantastic woman.  She can cut into the very marrow of my bones.  She affects me like few actors have ever been able to affect me.  She’s a powerhouse.  A powerful actress.  And she’s a lovely person.  She’s so kind.  I’d never had the privilege of talking to her before.  She is just something else as a person in real life too.  So it was a dream come true working with her; and I’d like to work with her many many times.  With Charles Shaughnessy, I was just freaking out a little bit because I love THE NANNY; and so it was one of those moments where it’s like “Pinch me!  I can’t believe this is happening.  This is my real life.”  And so I’m freaking that here I am working with Charles Shaughnessy.  It was just such a great experience.

OUTTAKES:  If you could write a storyline for Theresa, what would you like to see happen to her?

JL:  I don’t know.  I would love to explore a mental illness.  I would love for her to have multiple personalities like Kimberly did; so she would be really mentally and chemically unstable.  But at the same time, I would also love for her to have a romance storyline.  I like her being evil.  I don’t want her to be fully redeemed, but at the same time, I think everyone has some sort of soul mate.  And that would be a fun side of her to play.



Jen Lilley and Thaao Penghlis -- THE BOOK OF ESTHER -- 5/31/13


Jen Lilley  -- 12/18/12



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Casey Moss (JJ Deveraux, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  You’re in this major storyline with JJ finding out about what Jack did to Kayla; and then he went off the rails with Teresa.  How did you prepare for that storyline?  Did you have to look at a lot of the history of DAYS like looking at YouTube?

CM:  I had to do a lot of history.  Basically just somewhat personal experience and also just pure imagination.  That’s usually the way I prepare for everything.  Through personalization, pure imagination and just being open…and then kind of living it.  

OUTTAKES:  What do you like the most about playing JJ?

CM:  It’s challenging and it’s real.  It’s more realistic than anything.  It’s a very real true story because things like this can actually happen.  I believe a lot of kids have found themselves in these situations.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


THE DAY OF DAYS 2013 INTERVIEWS WITH ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS CAN BE HEARD HERE:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/outtakes/2013/11/12/outtakes-at-day-of-days-2013

Kate Mansi (Abigail Deveraux, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  So Abby’s in an interesting situation now with both of her guys leaving Salem.  If you could control the storyline of what would happen with Abby, what would you like to see happen?

KM:  I think I would like to see Abigail get a job.  I would love to see her be a psychologist and be throwing herself into her work. 

OUTTAKES:  I’d love to see her be a go-getter because she has that Jack Deveraux quality to her.  What do you love the most about playing the character?

KM:  I love Abigail as somebody who’s sort of fearless when it comes to matters of the heart.  She’s not afraid to risk falling in love.  She’s been hurt before; and for somebody who was a virgin for so long and was waiting for the right person, there’s such a sweetness there of her innocence, of how she views love; and she just believes that the right person is there.  She really wants to believe the best in people but she – like her father – has that really inquisitive personality that is always very analytical; and she’s always asking questions about life.  She’s always on an ocean of big waves and riding wherever it is taking her.

OUTTAKES:  I’ve seen you tweet a lot about the charitywater campaign.  Could you tell us about that?

KM:  Yes.  Thank you so much for asking about it.  I started working with charitywater because they are an incredible organization where 100% of the proceeds go towards funding water projects in designated areas.  I just think they’re a fantastic charity that does great things; and in September, I did a birthday campaign where I raised over $8,000 for a water project to be in two communities because of the amount we raised in Orissa, India.  That was such a special campaign for me because I was na├»ve about the water crisis before I started.  Once I learned about it, it just really has affected my whole life.  I can’t walk to get a glass of water from the fridge without thinking about how many more steps somebody would have to take in India or Africa or somewhere else.  It is something I’m really passionate about because 1 in 9 people in the world are living without access to clean water which is a really terrifying statistic.  So I’m really excited that charitywater has allowed us to extend the campaign through to December 31st now.  And we have some great prizes like a script of a really exciting episode that the cast and I have signed – and all of my notes are in it.  Also, there’s a water can that I used for a photo shoot that everybody [from DAYS] has signed.  We’re raffling off a lunch as well so we’re really excited for people to join the campaign and raise more money for that.


To find out more about Kate's K20 Charity:  Water Campaign -- visit http://my.charitywater.org/k2o-birthday-benefit-


THE DAY OF DAYS 2013 INTERVIEWS WITH ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS CAN BE HEARD HERE:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/outtakes/2013/11/12/outtakes-at-day-of-days-2013

Camila Banus (Gabi Hernandez, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  So you’re having a good time at DAY OF DAYS today?

CB:  I’m having a fantastic time. 

OUTTAKES:  What would you say is your favorite storyline that you’ve done as Gabi?

CB:  I definitely think the pregnancy storyline has been really amazing for Gabi.  She’s learned a lot as a person and as a mother-to-be about herself and just about the things that she needs to do to make herself better and better for her baby.  So I definitely think that the pregnancy storyline and everything that had to do with that; and everything dealing with Nick.  That’s been great.

OUTTAKES:  What did you like the most about playing Gabi?

CB:  I think what I liked the most about playing Gabi was the brother/sister dynamic of Gabi and Rafe.  They were just great with one another; and they really had a good brother and sister connection and dynamic.  One that plays across really well on camera; and I feel like every time we have a scene together, we just get really great feedback. 

OUTTAKES:  What’s up next for you as an actress?

CB:  There’s always possibilities and opportunities coming up.  As far as now, I will be exiting the show in January.  But after that, it’s just a matter of whatever shows up as how I’m going to play it.  I’ll play it by ear and just be open to a lot of things.  I possibly would like to be involved with film; something along the lines of that.


THE DAY OF DAYS 2013 INTERVIEWS WITH ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS CAN BE HEARD HERE:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/outtakes/2013/11/12/outtakes-at-day-of-days-2013

Blake Berris (Nick Fallon, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  I love your work as Nick.  I like Nick whether he’s a nice guy or whether he’s a bad guy.  And lately he’s starting to get a little bit off the rails…

BB:  Yes, definitely going off the rails!

OUTTAKES:  Do you have a preference of how you play him?

BB:  I’d say what I enjoy…I’d say that the balance is essential to Nick.  Like I love the fact that he has his dark side and his lighter loving side.  I like the stuff on Smith Island and what they exposed about what happened to him in prison because I think it gave the audience a chance to sympathize with where he was at and why he was doing what he was doing.  That he didn’t just seem like he didn’t have motivation for all that stuff.  I thought that was very cool; and I think it helped balance the character in a way that made him make sense and made it possible for people to have compassion for him.  For someone who is a pretty psychotic person.

OUTTAKES:  What would you like to see happen with Nick?  Do you have a preference for a certain storyline for him?

BB:  I’ve always kind of been interested in Nick’s mental stability.  I think it would be interesting to investigate psychologically what’s at the root at that.  Whether it be therapy or any number of psychological investigations of what’s up.  Because he has a family history of mental instability.  So I thought that would be cool. 

OUTTAKES:  You’ve also just done the indie film, METH HEAD, that has been on the film festival circuit.  Any other indie films you’re working on?

BB:  Yes.  I have another indie film called HOUSE OF LAST THINGS which I’m actually going to Mexico next week for another film festival.  It premiered at a festival called Gerardmer in France.  We had another festival in Brazil; and I’m about to go to one in Mexico.  It hasn’t had its US premiere yet, but it’s a very cool suspense/fantasy.  Not horror but scary.  And it’s really cool.  I’m really proud of it; and I’m excited for people to see that one too.  


THE DAY OF DAYS 2013 INTERVIEWS WITH ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS CAN BE HEARD HERE:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/outtakes/2013/11/12/outtakes-at-day-of-days-2013

Shawn Christian (Daniel Jonas, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  You’re doing a project called ADDICTS ANONYMOUS with Freddie Smith and Molly Burnett.  What’s that about?

SC:  It’s a comedy.  It gave me a great opportunity to write and do some comedy which I had a great time doing.  Producing it was also a pleasure as well.  So now we put together this show.  We’re pitching it.  We’re trying to get it sold to Amazon. We’re trying to get it out to NetFlix and Fox and NBC and ABC.  Everybody.  We’re just really pushing it out there to see who will be interested and maybe even get a show runner for it.  It has definitely been an awesome project from the beginning to write it and to see it come to life.  To see what was created on the page actually be put up on the screen.  It’s been awesome.  We had our first screening.  We did a premiere in Tennessee which turned out to be a huge success.  I love it.  I love the idea of producing as well…from having been executive producer on ADDICTS ANONYMOUS.  I’ve got to say now a couple of people have approached me about other projects that I’ll pursue now.  I just bought the rights to a book.  Doing a comedy was great, especially when you’re involved with drama every day.

Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  You’re in a big storyline right now.  The whole Sonny/Will romance.  What is it you like the most about playing Sonny Kiriakis?

FS:  That he’s just a very positive character.  He’s got good values; and he’s just a wonderful person.  I really like playing that.  He’s a really positive person which I think is great.

OUTTAKES:  You’re also in a project with Shawn Christian called ADDICTS ANONYMOUS.  What’s that about?

FS:  That’s a show that we created.  It’s about a group of college kids.  It’s kind of like a detention in a way where a lot of troubled students in college go to this class.  I play Gary Goldberg who is this lovable idiot with daddy issues; and he’s just trying to make his dad proud.  There are all of these different situations put together.  It’s a really good comedy that we came up with.


Find out more about ADDICTS ANONYMOUS here:



Shawn Christian -- 3/1/12


Freddie Smith -- Scandal Crest 9/20/12


Freddie Smith - ACME Comedy 10/6/11



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Peggy McCay (CarolineBrady, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  So how has it been for you playing this Alzheimers storyline?  You got a Daytime Emmy nomination for it.  What has it been like as an actress to tackle that?

PM:  Well, it’s had an amazing effect for the show that I had a nomination for Lead Actress.  We had the Entertainment Industry Council award us a Prism award for doing the story.  And the writers won another award for having chosen the subject.  So it’s brought us a lot of prestige.  And I think it’s very appropriate because it’s a big serious problem.  60% of the caretakers are women.  Two thirds have the disease.  There are millions of people have this.  And I’m so glad our show brought it to the fore.  So I think it’s a good thing.

OUTTAKES:  What do you like the most about playing Caroline?

PM:  That she’s direct.  That she isn’t saccharine sweet.  She’ll haul off and call a spade a spade; and I like that.  I’m a New Yorker (laughs).  And I think that’s our characteristic.  Here people are very polite in Los Angeles.  If someone breaks into a line in New York City, people say, “Hey!  There’s a line here!”  So what I love about Caroline is her directness; and she loves her family deeply.

OUTTAKES:  Why do you think DAYS OF OUR LIVES has lasted almost 50 years?  What is it about this show that has kept it on the air?

PM:  I’ve got to give the Corday family credit for this.  They brought the show to Los Angeles.  Ken Corday’s mother kept the show going.  He’s keeping the show going.  It’s a generational show.  Today as we sign for two hours at the fan event, they [the fans] love the show.  They think of us as friends and family.  That’s quite something to accomplish.  I think our show has created loyal fans who regard us as part of their family.  


THE DAY OF DAYS 2013 INTERVIEWS WITH ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS CAN BE HEARD HERE:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/outtakes/2013/11/12/outtakes-at-day-of-days-2013

Josh Taylor (Roman Brady, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  Why do you think DAYS has been on the air for fifty years?  What is it about DAYS that fans love?

JT:  First of all, it’s been a family group.  The Cordays have been behind this forever.  They created it; and so there has always been a Corday involved in it.  So I think that’s leant to a continuity of quality.  I just think it’s grown over the years; and I’ve been there a lot of those years.  It always seems to maintain a very good quality of writing and production values.  And they’re not afraid to touch controversial or touchy subjects.  They’ve always been good about that. 

OUTTAKES:  Lately we’ve seen Roman looking out for Sami and all that…but what would you like to see happen if you could control the storyline of Roman?  What kind of storyline would you like to have?

JT:  Over the years, I’ve probably suggested ten storylines.  I think I’m owed for ten.  I thought the stuff we had when Stefano had been killed was good.  I thought the investigation where I had to investigate all those people was very good.  Kate and I had a lot of fun together.  Who knows what would rise again?  But Lauren and I had a good time doing the Kate and Roman story.  Who knows?  That could be a possibility down the road.  


THE DAY OF DAYS 2013 INTERVIEWS WITH ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS CAN BE HEARD HERE:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/outtakes/2013/11/12/outtakes-at-day-of-days-2013

Bill and Susan Hayes (Doug and Julie Wiliams, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  When will we see Doug and Julie back in Salem again?

SSH:  You’ll be seeing Doug and Julie at Christmastime…of course!  As you always do, gathered around the Horton Christmas tree, hanging the ornaments.  And this year, Billy is…?

BH:  I get to play Santa again for the third time.  I love it.  And we hang the Horton balls again this year, of course.

SSH:  And following Christmas, Julie will be making a few appearances in an upcoming storyline in which Julie smells a rat.  I would say that kind of encapsulates the thrust of what I’m doing.  An event has taken place; and only the audience knows.  The rest of the cast doesn’t.  But Julie suspects…and she runs around to all the cast saying something’s wrong here.  And the cast says, Julie’s crazy.  But Julie isn’t.  So stay tuned. 

OUTTAKES:  Something to look forward to.  The last interview we did together, we talked about your book, TRUMPET.  Is there any chance of a sequel or perhaps another historical fiction book that you guys are going to work on together?

SSH:  We are still selling TRUMPET and still talking about it; and Bill has begun a sequel. 

BH:  We’ll be writing it together.

SSH:  We’ll be writing it together, but he is already about 350 pages in.

BH:  Well, that’s just in preparation…

SSH:  In preparation.  We’re outlining plots now and going home and worrying about it and thinking about it and enjoying it all the time.  When last our heroine was discovered, she was in Charleston, South Carolina; and we just got back from visiting Charleston two weeks ago.  So yes, a sequel is in the works.

OUTTAKES:  So you’ve had to do a whole new batch of historical research for the sequel which you guys really love to do?

SSH:  Absolutely!  Moving forward.  Ever onward.  Ever onward.


Find out more about the Hayes' book, TRUMPET, here: