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Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  How does it feel playing Adrienne right now?  She’s gone in such a new direction from how we’re used to seeing her character.  Becoming very aggressive about the Will/Sonny pairing and against Sami.

JE:  It’s great because we all sometimes take a little side tour; and it’s not always the best side tour for us or in our lives.  In a way, it’s very realistic to real life.  I enjoy working; so whatever they want to throw at me, I’m willing to roll with it and run with it.  

OUTTAKES:  Have you been getting a lot of fan response because some people are just thinking that Adrienne is just out of her mind?

JE:  Yeah, the fans are pretty upset about Adrienne’s reaction.  But that’s good because you’re getting a reaction.  That’s better than not getting a reaction.  There has to be a catalyst.  There has to be somebody who’s not doing the right thing.  And it’s nice that a good girl is not doing the right thing. 

OUTTAKES:  It’s also cool seeing the dynamics between Justin and Adrienne.  I still enjoy them so much as a couple.  What is it that you think keeps them together as a couple? 

JE:  They love each other.  No matter if they agree, disagree, getting along, not getting along…they 100% love each other!  And who doesn’t want that?  Who doesn’t want somebody who is so dedicated and devoted to someone that even in the bad times, no matter what…I still love you.  That’s wonderful.  We all want that.  Marriage has its ups and downs, especially if you’ve been married for a long time…several times (laughs).  Naturally, there’s ups and downs so it’s nice to see that no matter how bad it gets, you still love each other and you’re still together.

OUTTAKES:  One of the funniest scenes that you were part of on DAYS in a long time was the scene with the pastries that JJ had put the drugs in.  Did you guys have a lot of fun taping that scene?

JE:  Oh my God, we had a blast doing that!  And funny, we all had a high from it as if it were all laced because it was so silly and fun and fabulous, especially because we were all involved in very dramatic storylines.  So it was nice to take that little break and have that little fun day.  It was wonderful.  We had a blast!  I wish we could do it again.  Although I gained ten pounds from eating pickles and olives and peanut butter and doughnuts…but you know, it was worth it.

OUTTAKES:  Season 4 of VENICE is coming out on DVD soon.  Do you have any other projects coming up?

JE:  I’m also involved in THE GROVE as well.  And I’ve been approached for a couple of other shows.  So I’m considering them and seeing what develops.

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