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Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall (John and Marlena Black, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  Fans are very excited.  Deidre, a few days ago you put up a picture on Twitter of you two together again reunited on the show; and the fans went crazy.  What is it you think about John and Marlena that the fans love so much?  What is it about this couple that is so popular to this day?

DEIDRE:  I think the appeal to John and Marlena on the show is that they are a solid couple.  They have been through everything imaginable.  They have come through.  And they have survived because of their devotion and love for each other.  Our show is based on happy couples…happy families.  Mac [Carey] and Frances [Reid] were the patriarch and matriarch of the show; and since they’ve left, there’s a hole to be filled.  And I think we’re a pretty good pair for that.

DRAKE:  I like the way you put that.

OUTTAKES:  Drake, for this last hiatus, what have you been doing?

DRAKE:  I’ve been busy.  If truth be known, I sold my house in Malibu; and we will be closing on the 22nd of November.  The ultimate game plan was to move back to my home state of Indiana where my doctor daughter has just moved her practice from New York.  And what do you know?  The spin of the ball changed.  And I was asked to come back to the show.  My wife said, “OK, genius, now what?!”  So we basically don’t have a place to live; and I’ve got to figure things out by the middle of next week.

OUTTAKES:  John Black.  We’ve seen him go through so many different personality changes over the years.  Do you have a favorite personality of John’s that you really enjoyed playing the most…whether it was the priest or the brainwashed guy or…?

DRAKE:  I have to go back to the very beginning.  If you were to walk into my dressing room right this minute, I only have one book in there; and it is still THE BOURNE IDENTITY.  From the beginning of the story of John being the hospital victim in Miami and being put back together, coming into Salem, latching on to one person…and that person was Marlena.  She was the one person that could pull him through the hole in the garden wall as I call it.  Everything about that first part of the storyline was the most impactful; and that is where I root the character.  That is why I think John and Marlena are so successful, getting back to your first question.  Because he relied on her; and even though she had doubts, she did not let him down.  He will forever be indebted to her. 

OUTTAKES:  Deidre, we’ve had a couple of books of yours that have come out recently.  KITCHEN CLOSE-UP and HOW DOES SHE DO IT.  Do you have any more books that you’re planning on putting out?

DEIDRE:  Both of those books are still available on  I’ve also got holiday cards that are also on the website.  A watercolor that I did last year and turned into a holiday card.  And it’s only important to me because 100% of the proceeds go to the Wounded Warriors project.  So I would encourage people if they have an investment in that project to go to and please order holiday cards.  I underwrite everything and everything else goes to Wounded Warriors. 

OUTTAKES:  I hope you guys have a wonderful time today at DAY OF DAYS 2013; and I’m so looking forward to seeing more of John and Marlena together and see what adventures come next.

DRAKE:  So are we.  We’re just starting to warm it up…so fasten your seat belts.


Deidre Hall and Lynne Bowman -- 11/2/12

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  1. Laurie, this was such an AWESOME interview! Drake is HILARIOUS! My hope is that maybe you'll be treated to a sit down with just Drake when it gets closer to him being back on our screens in February! GREAT JOB!