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Eric Martsolf (Brady Black, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9, 2013 DAY OF DAYS

OUTTAKES:  You once said that the DAYS cast members would call you "Brady the Black Widow" because all of your love interests would die off?  And here we are again.

EM:  It's amazing how history repeats itself.  They called me "Brady Black Widow" because I just could not hold on to a woman for any extended period of time.  And once again, Brady's kind of the fall guy in a relationship gone pretty damn sour, considering his fiance slept with his brother the priest.  Did you see yesterday's episode?

OUTTAKES:  Yes, absolutely.  It's explosive.  Especially that last scene with you and Eileen [as Kristen Dimera].  You looked like you were about ready to kill her.

EM:  At this point, he gave her so many chances.  So many opportunities.  I think the anger was completely justified.  She definitely has reason to be fearful but underneath the anger is a guy who is very much in love with this woman.  And he has been for a long long time and wanted this to work out so well.  It was destined not to be.  So Brady's going to have to find another lily pad to jump onto.

OUTTAKES:  Either that or he might totally hit the skids.  Go back to an addiction.  Get back to that dark side again.  After being humiliated and disappointed and betrayed once more.  It's always fascinating when Brady goes down that dark path.  Do you enjoy playing that?

EM:  I do.  I do very much.  And it's interesting that you say that because even being here today at the DAY of DAYS event, I've had a lot of fans approach me and say, Does this mean that Dark Brady is coming back?  The phrase, Dark Brady, is almost a character onto himself now...where they [the fans] actually anticipate his downfall.  It's interesting TV to watch someone try to get through a crisis and do it in such a horrible way.  It's just crazy to watch an addict get his act together because nine times out of ten, it just never goes well.  I can definitely preview that he's going to have some incredible hardships coming up in the next couple of weeks with the downfall of this wedding disaster.  He just doesn't trust anybody; and he's always got one thing to fall back on...and past history tells us what that is.  He'll definitely be going into that dark cave again.

OUTTAKES:  You're also going to be appearing in a web series called ACTING DEAD.  What's that about?

EM:  This is a webseries that some friends of mine are doing.  It's so interesting and so funny.  It's basically a take on all of the zombie shows that have become so popular.  It follows an actual zombie and his trek to become a star in Hollywood.  I had to get on board.  I'm a fan of comedy.  I just love original and new ideas like that and exploring those things so.  I have a hard time saying no to anything actually; I just say yes.  [laughs]  Yeah, sure, I'll be there; what time?  That's my mantra. A zombie?  Sure, who's brain do I eat?

OUTTAKES:  You do a ton of web series.  VENICE, MISS BEHAVE and now ACTING DEAD.  And of course, you've got this front burner storyline as Brady.  So you're a busy guy!

EM:  I am not bored.  That's for sure!  Not lazy right now.  But that's why I like it.  So as long as Brady Black is getting in trouble, I'm a happy guy.


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