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THE DAY OF DAYS 2013 INTERVIEWS WITH ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS CAN BE HEARD HERE:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/outtakes/2013/11/12/outtakes-at-day-of-days-2013

Greg Vaughan and Arianne Zucker (Eric Brady and Nicole Walker, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) -- November 9th, 2013

OUTTAKES:  So it's an explosive storyline that just aired on DAYS with Eric with the film being outed at the wedding.  And we see Nicole in a preview of her confronting Kristen.  Greg, what would you like to see happen with Eric at this point?

GV:  I think now it's just seeing the truth coming out and trying to make things right.  Correction and trying to make amends with Nicole because Eric was pointing the finger with a lot of mixed emotions.

AZ:  You owe me!

GV:  I owe you!  And she's going to make me work for it.  That's what I know is going to happen.  There's a lot to come.  I think it is going to be just to get my bearings straight and moving forward.

OUTTAKES:  Ari, we've seen Nicole suffering with this attraction she has for Eric, the priest, the forbidden guy.  What is it that the character of Nicole sees in Eric?

AZ:  A gazillion things.  He's the first true love she ever had; and she ruined it.  So I'm sure those memories and feelings of any of us who have fallen in love for the first time -- they are feelings that never quite go away for that person.  Especially with him [Eric] coming back to make amends and to have found forgiveness for her.  Because she still has those strong feelings for him, she's almost turned into a little girl around him.  She just wants to be perfect.  And even though she can't be with him because he's a priest, that makes him even more desirable.  It makes her want to run away and run to him all at the same time.  She's also trying to respect who he is because he's making her a better person.  Just being around him and his energy gives her that desire to be better.  She still doesn't always make the best choices but he helps her think about something before she actually acts upon it.  So there are so many qualities about him that actually makes her better.  It is no longer, as much as she wants it be, just about the physical part of being with someone.  It is the emotional part that keeps her so damn attracted to him.  How's that? [laughs]

OUTTAKES:  Recently the movie, SECOND CHANCES, came out with Alison Sweeney.  What was it like working with her in that movie compared to working with her playing your sister on DAYS?

GV:  The way it had come about in the beginning, I had just done a screentest for the role.  And then a week later, I was called and they offered me this role.  I was excited to do it.  I asked, Who's going to be my co-star?  And then they said Ali.  And I said, Is this a joke?!  Are you all pulling my leg?  No way!  And then come to find out it was; and I started the next day.  It's ironic.  But we didn't even talk about the work because we had filmed that the month before I started [on DAYS].  I was cast around early mid-June; and then we went into production for the film with Hallmark.  Then I didn't even start taping at DAYS until August so we had a great time.  It actually gave us the time to work together for the first time on a professional level.  We had only been friends for like 15 years!  And we had never worked together.  So through this small circle of friends we have, we all knew each other but we never had the opportunity to work together.  So we got the ball rolling.  It brought us closer together as people but also with preparing.  We talked about the work and where our characters were.  Where they'd gone.  Other than that, we didn't really get too heavy into the show because we didn't want to make the dynamic uncomfortable.  We were trying to create something that was going to be unique and fresh.  I think it was a good way for us to start our professional career before we started working together as brother and sister [on DAYS].

OUTTAKES:  Could you explain to us about Arrow-Heart…what that is and how you’re involved with it?

AZ:  The name of the organization is Arrow-Heart Adventure Camp.  It’s actually something that I’ve been working with my brother on for five years.  The name actually changed.  It was the LifeCHANGE Leadership Program,  but we changed the name.  After we changed our age range, basically we work with 13-to-17 year-old nonviolent teens who are stuck in the juvenile system who need a place to go.  They haven’t crossed the line quite yet, but we help them make better choices.  We catch them in one of the most difficult times of their lives and affect the direction that they’re going to go in their lives.  And they do a survey.  Would you rather go to a program or a camp?  Even if they are in trouble or not in trouble, they would want to go to a camp rather than a program.  Just the name change alone has given such a positive spin to this organization.  Kindly enough, the Ken Corday foundation donated for our first year to start our camp; and our camp is actually the outdoors.  We don’t have a facility that you actually go to.  We take the kids on different adventures once a month for ten months.  This year, we’re ending with a white water rafting trip.  It’s pretty exciting for the kids.  On our Facebook page and our website, you can see every event for each month; how the kids are progressing; and their desire to lead and compete with each other and for their camp.  They compete in a healthy way rather than a negative way.  We’ve got kids in our camp that you can’t believe.  You go, “Why is that cute little pixie girl here?”  Well, she got caught up in the wrong group of kids; or you never know.  So my brother, Todd, and Levi [sp?] are our main coaches.  They’re incredible.  And I couldn’t do this without them.  I’m not the coach.  I’m just the love behind it.  We have a wonderful team of volunteers.  A lot of fans have jumped on and are trying to help spread the word…to help others gain insight as to who we are.

For more information about Arrow-Heart, visit their website at http://www.arrow-heart.com/


Greg Vaughan -- 11/29/12


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