Sunday, April 10, 2011

Michael Muhney at Battery Park Meet-and-Greet (Q&A recap)

One of the funkiest and most fun meet-and-greets that I've ever been to! Via Twitter, Michael Muhney (Adam Newman, The Young and the Restless) said he would be in NYC for a photo shoot; and that he would be in front of the "Sphere" with the eternal flame in Battery Park at noon for those who wanted to drop by and say hi, totally free of charge. While posing for pictures and signing autographs, there was an informal Q&A with the fans. Here are some highlights of the Q&A:

- Michael really considers himself an "indie film" actor who just happened to get cast on a soap.

- About some of his Y&R castmates: Michael is very good friends with Joshua Morrow (Nick). He often exchanges texts with Sharon Case (Sharon). Billy Miller (Billy) reminds him of the kind of friends he had when he lived in Texas. Eric Braeden (Victor) is "really a pussycat". Michael says that he gets along with everyone in the cast very well.

- While Michael could not talk about spoilers, he did say that coming up for him will be what Peter Bergman (Jack) called "one of the most interesting stage entrances in television history".

- Michael never wants "Adam" to become a nice guy. He loves how he can get away with more improvised bits and such in the scenes on the soap because Adam is such an antagonistic character and can get away with it.

- Originally, Michael wanted to be a lawyer before he got into acting.

- Michael does not get starstruck with actors -- but he does get starstruck with athletes.

- As for the writing of Y&R, Michael said that complaints should not all be laid at the feet of the producer and/or headwriter. With Y&R alone, often writing decisions are made from three "cooks in the kitchen" -- CBS, Sony and the Bells. The writing of a soap is much more complex than that of a movie; and there are lots of people involved.

- Michael was here in NYC for a fall fashion shoot for CBS WATCH MAGAZINE.

To see more pictures of Michael Muhney's meet-and-greet, go look in "Photos" at the "OutTakes Interviews" Facebook page.

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  1. Going to check out the outtake interviews on facebook. Thanks for the info.