Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Michael Muhney Q&A Recap with Joyce Becker and Audience, Soap Opera Festival, Atlantic City

At the "Soap Opera Festival", March 24th-25th, Michael Muhney (Adam, The Young and The Restless) had an hour-long Q&A panel -- with Joyce Becker (founder of "Soap Opera Festivals") and the audience -- about his role on the soap. Here's a summary of all discussed.


How does Michael feel about switching from primetime to a soap opera? He never intended to do soaps; and his agents had to talk him into making the move from primetime television. But now he is a champion for soaps. Even so Y&R is the only soap Michael wants to do. He doesn’t want to be stuck in a niche. But he considers Y&R to really be a primetime show. “A large majority of viewers watch the show in the evening via DVR, et cetra; so the acting quality needs to be good.”

How is he like Adam in real life? Exactly…and not at all. Michael described Adam as intelligent, a character who likes to keep the other residents of Genoa City off-balance. “He says ‘fuck you!’ to all of them, but in an intelligent way.”

How did he approach playing blind? With a lot of hard research. He is a stickler for details when playing a role. When squinting during a blind scene as Adam, the network execs ordered that Adam should not be squinting. So then Muhney played Adam’s retinis pigmentosa as if you can’t tell that he is blind. According to the actor, that is more true to life anyway.

Will Adam and Phyllis get together? Muhney feels that would cross a line for Adam. “Sometimes the audience doesn’t really want what they think they want.”

Will Adam and Chelsea get together? “Adam is an army of one”…not a character to be associated with any particular couple. That includes Sharon and Adam. But he is a loyal character. At least, more so than the others on Y&R.

Any storyline Michael disagreed with? “Adam wouldn’t have thrown the memory card into the water. He always uses collateral.”

How is working with Eric Braeden (Victor) and Josh Morrow (Nick)? “They are pussycats.”

Does he add his own humor to Adam? He works with the writers. Sometimes he is allowed to change lines during the rehearsal stage. He is a big believer in collaboration. “A rising tide rises all ships.”

Does he watch the episodes? Not only that, but he reads his scripts all the way through…including the scenes he is not in.


Where is Michael from? Born in Chicago; raised in Dallas (where Billy Miller is also from).

Formal training? DePaul University. He was originally going to be a lawyer. In school, he broke his femur bone and had to take alternate classes for Physical Education. He played “Murphy” in a production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest…and the rest is history.

Favorite films? He loves Alfred Hitchcock classics. “Dark intense movies.”

How does his wife feel about his love scenes? “She is in the industry; so she’s fine with it.” His father-in-law is Marty Hornstein, a financial producer of the television series, Star Trek.

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