Saturday, June 22, 2013


James Reynolds (Abe, Days of Our Lives) discusses the Kickstarter campaign for the Fremont Centre Theatre's production of Holding On, Letting Go to be presented at the National Black Theatre Festival. He also talks about his character of "Abe".  Co-Hosted with Pam Rogers.  Approx. 34 minutes.

To help the Fremont Centre Theatre meet it's Kickstarter goal of $14,550, each $ donated on Kickstarter from this point on will be matched by benefactor Mary Urquhart!  That means every $20 you donate will mean $40 to our fundraising efforts.
This is an extraordinary gift! So if we raise another $3,000 through donations she will personally match it to complete our goal. 
This opportunity to present the stirring play "Holding On~Letting Go" at the National Black Theatre Festival gets closer and we get more excitedPlease help us spread the word since we have only 6 more days to meet our goal!
Photo: Group shot of cast. From left: Amentha Dymally, Lamar Hughes, Iona Morris, James Reynolds, Christian Malmin, Jill Remez, center: Barry Wiggins.

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