Saturday, January 11, 2014

TRUTH or SMEAR? Part 2 -- The Muhney-King Y&R Controversy -- MIXED MESSAGES

For all of you reading this article, I encourage you to read TRUTH OR SMEAR, PART ONE first so you have a good idea of where I'm coming from.  A thanks to all of you who have given me positive feedback and consider me unbiased.  A lot has gone down this week...and I'm not quite so sure that I'm still unbiased...but I'm trying.  PART TWO might turn out to be more of an opinion piece.  All comments on this blog are moderated.  Any personal insults to any of the Y&R actors will not be put up.  Also, any comments that are rude to those commenting will not be put up. 


I do not support Hunter King for her allegations...if there are any.  I do not attack Hunter King for her allegations...if there are any.  I do not support Michael Muhney against Hunter King's allegations...if there are any.  I do not attack Michael Muhney for Hunter King's allegations...if there are any.



For the sake of both Michael Muhney and Hunter King, I hope your sources are right.  My apologies to Angelica McDaniel for mentioning her in Part One if she was not involved with the TMZ fiasco.  If you are following this story, his column about it is worth the read.  A subscription magazine for $2.99.


Thank you.  Because of that interview that you did with Radar (available at the link), you actually distracted attention from the Hunter King allegations and gave us all something else to think about.  And I believe you.  I remember at the 2012 Atlantic City Soap Opera Festival where Michael had made comments about "Victor Newman" -- definitely an exhibition of  too much hubris and the need for more humility.  Now the "young lion" has been fired and is being tarred and feathered (justifiably...or not) on the internet nonstop; and it is great that you've forgiven him.  I don't know what your politics are, Mr. Braeden, but I have a great book written by MSNBC's political commentator Chris Matthews called THE HARDBALL HANDBOOK:  How to Win at Life which is all about life lessons he's learned through engaging in politics.  In it, he advises to "fight up, not down".  When you fight down, people interpret that as someone in a position of power who is picking on someone underneath him; and it doesn't look good.  With all due respect, Michael Muhney is gone; and you're still on Y&R.  You're sitting pretty.  There's really no need to reveal the "truth" about him as you see it.  If you consider my blog to be "drivel", you have my apologies.  It is just that people might get the wrong idea and think that you're part of a smear campaign...or something like that.


What a beautiful gesture!  Hunter King absolutely should not be attacked and bullied on the internet anymore than Michael Muhney has been, ESPECIALLY since no accurate or credible facts have come out as of yet regarding either one of them.  But please be aware that in this situation, both actors are victims about a story that may or may not be true; and should have never gotten out in the first place.  When you show support for her, you appear to be picking a side whether you mean to or not.  What you say is support for Hunter King can also be interpreted as an implication that you are attacking Michael Muhney and supporting the TMZ story.  Don't assume that just because you are picking a side in this controversy (whether because you actually saw an alleged incident...or didn't like Muhney...or genuinely feel for King) means that your fans will all follow along with you just because YOU said so.  You may very well lose fans instead.  They all might get the wrong idea and think you're part of a smear campaign.


You should be so lucky to have fans fly banners around on your behalf like what has gone on for Michael this last week.  Because that banner (unlike all the King/Muhney gossip and all the trumped-up interviews) is REAL PROOF.  PROOF that Michael played a beloved character so brilliantly that people are willing to take out the time and money on his behalf...and that fans hate that he has been fired, hate these "allegations" against him and wish that the clock could be turned back to November 2013.  Rather than mocking the fans and saying that they should spend their money on charity, why don't you get off Twitter & Facebook and spend your money on charity?  If fans are rude to you, here's an idea:  why not block and ignore?  This is the Wild Wild West of the Internet where people are allowed their freedom of speech, for better or worse.  A great majority of the fans are angry and expressing it -- and yes, some of them are getting pretty aggressive, vile and nasty in their opinions.  But YOU are the ones getting paid to play your characters and be part of this show -- which means that YOU have a higher standard to live up to and should be setting an example.  If you snap back at the fans, you are only feeding the anger and the controversy more.  If you do interviews and gossip about what Muhney "was really like" behind the scenes, you are only feeding the anger and the controversy more.  They all might get the wrong idea and think you're part of a smear campaign.


With the reality soap opera going nuts on the internet, nobody credible seems to really know anything; and if they do, they're not saying.  What we all know is that the soap opera you run in reality...(remember that show called The Young and the Restless?) is BORING.  If the fans actually had something entertaining to watch, maybe they would have something else to talk about.  If the actors actually had something to do, maybe they'd get off Twitter.  It is no secret that the show has taken a triple hit with the loss of Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller and Michael Muhney.  Get your actors under control (meaning put them under a gag order) before they do more damage than they've already done.  Do your job and make the show bounce back, despite everything.  Here's a hint:  writing plots about killing off little girls...and then doing the endlessly rehashed soap opera storyline of the whole organ donation transplant thing...doesn't work.  Spend your time uplifting the soap opera genre and save your show which is tearing apart at the seams.  Otherwise, people might get the wrong idea and think that you're spending all your time on a smear campaign rather than trying to produce a good television show.


To the fans of Michael Muhney:  I'm sorry.  This sucks!  To the fans of Hunter King:  I'm sorry.  This sucks!  To the fans of The Young & the Restless:  I'm sorry.  This sucks!  To the fans of the daytime genre:  I'm sorry.  This sucks!


You're a beautiful lady with a lot of talent.  I've enjoyed your storyline as "Summer", especially your scenes with Peter Bergman.  And yeah, I wish Jack were really Summer's dad...and I think the whole thing about Sharon switching the results was a cop-out on the writers' part.  Whatever happened, this too shall pass.


When you met fans in NYC, Battery Park, April 2011 -- you mentioned that this quote was particularly inspiring to you as an actor:

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." -- Winston Churchill

Never lose your enthusiasm...for the Greek origins of the word "enthusiasm" means "energy from the gods".  Your talent is a gift from the gods too.  Don't waste it.  Many of us want to watch you act again and will follow you to your next acting project.  Whatever happened, this too shall pass.


  1. Very nice. Thank you Laurie. Love Michael Muhney as Adam

  2. I just want to say thank you for writing this. You made me cry. I had to go get a kleenex. I have followed every thing written or said about the firing of Michael Muhney since I first heard of it on Facebook. I have read every article, word for word, every comment, and it has sickened. me. You so far, have written the best piece concerning all the parties involved. I am loyal to the Muhney Movement and we are all still giving up on Yand R because they gave up on the fans. Most of us were losing interest anyway because of the story lines but losing all the best talent that made the show what is is, and being stuck with the remainder, when they fired Micahel Muhney that was it for me. I cannot forgive CBS Sony for the way they brought in JFP and let her destroy a beautiful thing that Bill Bell had created. I cannot forgive them for the worst firing in history, that of a brilliant, talented actor who breath life into a dyeing soap. I cannot forgive the costars for taking sides. They should have remained silent. The Y&R is still dead to this 40 year fan and thousands more who feel the same way I do. You are to be commended for your writing ability. I enjoyed reading this so much. Two beautiful young people, one married with a family, one just starting out in her career, were crucified in the press, Facebook and Twitter. Neither one of them deserved such cruel an unjust punishment. I wonder how people can lay their heads down at night. Just a little food for thought to all those who fan the rumor mill flames by spouting vicious words of which you know nothing about, just remember this.. What you do unto others, you will be paid back 10 fold.

    1. I agree with you so much. I have been a fan and feel like you that we have been disregarded and that we do not matter. WE MATTER. A show's success is based on a loyal fan base. Ignoring and disrespecting us is a NO NO. Assuming that we will not make a big deal of this is stupid. We might in the long run but it seems that you are prepared to suffer short term loss by an exodus (maybe temporary) of fans on the 30th of January. You might be surprised. Well written article by the way.

  3. This is one of the best and most balanced pieces I've read about this entire fiasco. Thank you for sharing it. I agree with what you've said. Additionally, I would not be surprised if there is a single source with an ax or two to grind behind it, whether the allegations are true or not.

  4. Perfect. What you wrote is exactly what we as fans have being trying to say and you put it all together here. Thank you.

  5. wow this was perfectly said...

  6. This was really fabulous! Well done!!!

  7. Again you have said what needs to be said. It's too bad that the powers that be at CBS don't seem to be listening. I am so glad that you have written these two articles. I totally agree with both of them. To those actors that say his fans should be donating to charities. Money was donated to both of the charities that Michael Muhney.supports. So, again you were wrong and too quick to jump to judge.

  8. Well said.
    I have been missing my Y&R of days gone by for quite a while. It seems that someone is purposely trying to kill it. We all knew that with Jeanne gone it would be even more painful to watch.
    For months now when my sis and I discuss our beloved soap we have both said "anymore, it seems that it's only good watching when it's an Adam/Chelsea day."
    What a shame that this has happened.
    I am not an ignorant person. My reasons for quitting my show are not based on MM being fired. My reasons are because it's just so sad to see this once incredible show being butchered more and more with each episode. The writing AND acting has taken a nose dive and I do not want to waste anymore valuable time seeing it tank. It's just a matter of time til it's cancelled anyway. RIP Y&R.

  9. Well said!!!!! I would like to say thank-you! And the actors and you know who you are should be ashamed of yourself for taking sides!

  10. thank you. I will always be a true Muhney fan and I'm angered to the core about what happened. But most of all, his former co-workers are basically a bunch of brats. Their egos precede them. As of Jan. 31, I will no longer be watching Y & R, after forty years. How sad.

  11. Sometimes we fall short in life, but all will go on no matter what is done. just so sad, but no one cares in the higher ups ,but they will lose a lot from a lot of fans and I am sick of Y&R now, which I never thought I would ever say. they can laugh all they want, but too many wrongs sends fans in another direction,which I for one hope that we all get through this I am for us , the army of fans, we sing a song, yet they are all deaf to our all MM fans and will have a lot to tell in my golden years!

  12. What a nice article you have written. Spot on!

  13. This article is so heart warming and so well said, that I too, shed tears for the beautiful way you expressed all fans thoughts and love for our MM. I am a very PROUD FAN of Michael Muhneys and verey proud to be in the MM movement. Everything said here was and is exactly how us fans feel..Thank you for expressing these words into all our thoughts and love for the talented actor, Michael Muhney! I agree with Bettyboo, and all she has said. I have been a fan for 40+ years and dedicated my hour to this ONE DAYTIME SOAP OPERA, but no more. I am so done with Y&R!!!! They gave up on us fans! The rude comments that were made towards us fans...where do they think their paychecks come into play with all this? BECAUSE OF US DEDICATED FANS! You would not have a job if it were not for us! Or a show! Y&R has always been my one thing I could brag about and sit and watch and really enjoy/converse with others who watched it...but now since I heard of Michaels firing I stopped wathcing it that very day!!! I was so upset that he was fired for what? MM IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN PLAY ADAM NEWMAN! He is a very talented young man with a very strong future of awesome things happening to him in his life! The story line with Adam & Chelsea and "Peanut"/ Conner! It is the best PART OF THE WHOLE HOUR! It captivated many of us fans and that is why Y&R you were ONCE RATED #1! Not any more... This article said it all for us all who cared enough to show how much love we had for our favorite actor..and those who mock the banner, shame on you..I just feel it is jealousy on your part, b/c you aren't loved like Michael is! Y&R is dead to me! I no longer care! MM was the "KEY" to this whole soap, and he had a pretty tough role to play! He dedicated his self, to VICTOR ADAM NEWMAN JR! No one could or ever will play that part so well and be so dedicated! Y&R you LOST! You lost a great deal of fans and more so for the firing of MM< and now the horrible words that come out of your mouths about the FANS? Well, you won't have that to worry about any longer! KARMA IS A BITCH! WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND! Being nasty will only get you no where, and the firing of MM was the lowest thing this PERSON could have ever done!!!! NO LONGER A FAN!!! ;'(

  14. I loved your view from all sides.I agree MM will go far he is so talented.Y&R is a thing of the past for me,It depresses me to watch anymore.

  15. THE BEST thing I've seen written!! Thank you so much!!

  16. I could not have said it better myself! Thanks you!

  17. A couple of points. There IS a gag order. If ur following all this closely you should know that! MM attacked EB not the other way around. EB has the right to speak what he knows as fact.

  18. Laurie, you are a great writer!
    You said so many true things, I hope thousands will read your blog (s)

  19. Another Big Thank You!!


  21. So sad after watching Y&R since day 1 that I will ending this journey in 18 days. So many of you have done irreparable harm to this show. JFP/AD great job in putting the nails in the coffin. The saddest part of this entire story is the harm that has been done to one of the greatest actors to come to this show in a while. MM you have my backing!

  22. Great article, if only Y&R would listen to your wisdom!

  23. The comments made by the higher ups about how the viewers will keep watching after the 30th of Jan, is funny. If all of the fans continued to watch the other shows that the EX Producer worked on before, those shows might still be on television. IMO, because the story lines are so depressing and drag out for so long is one of the bigger reasons that I will stop watching after 1-30-14, not to mention the loss of so many great actors. This whole fiasco over the past month has not done any good for the Y&R. Maybe a few more watched, to see what all of the noise was about, but I personally think, the the Feb sweeps will be the start of Y&R being swept out the door at CBS.

  24. Clearly there are no winners in this...

  25. I hope the show will go on, but I won't be making an effort to watch it. I've been mad since they broke Adam and Sharon up. They were the only two I cared about on the show anymore. Now that MM is gone, I'm waiting for them to try to fire Sharon Case. When that happens, that's it for me. I'm sorry that Hunter's name was leaked. That wasn't fair to her and will scare others from doing the same. Only in a court of law is she required to reveal herself. I bet if she had the chance to do this over, she would have tried to settle it privately. I agree about the way Brenda Dickson was treated. Oh yeah, and Jerry Douglas was on hand to trash her when she was down, too. Not exactly the behavior of a gentleman.

  26. Y&R was #1 long before Michael Muhney came along and it went to #1 and stayed there not only because of him. Y&R is made up of a talented cast that obviously fans have said they cared about too but have shown clearly they didn't love the show -- they loved Michael Muhney. Folks need to also remember that Michael Muhney is not the 1st actor to get a banner flown over -- Daniel Goddard got one too. And folks made fun of fans then too -- the same way they did when crazy fans flew banners over the CBS studio for Big Brother. Getting a banner flown over CBS studios is not something special.

    And sorry but if you want to bring up the 1st amendment in your story in regards to fans having the right to say what they want -- then so do the actors. No they should not be held to a higher standard than soap fans should. Soap fans should have enough respect for them to be a follower on their page and not attack them over something that was not their fault and they had no control over.

    And to the fan yelling Karma Is A Bitch. Yes it is. And karma works both ways. These fans that have been attacking Hunter King -- God forbid that they are never sexually molested or a loved one is and they have to sit back and watch their family member or themselves dragged through the mud.

    Michael Muhney is not the first actor to be fired -- many have. Many of us fans have lost our favorite performers because of decisions made by executives above them. Sometimes it was their fault and sometimes it wasn't. Guess what we put our big panties on and we dealt with it. We got over it and we moved on. Guess what if we had acted the way some of you have then there would have even been a Young and the Restless around for Micheal Muhney to have worked on.

    Because Y&R has been on since 1973 and I have watched it since day 1. A great deal of my favorites have been fired or released from their contracts. It's a soap opera. It's life. Grow up and deal with it.