Thursday, June 10, 2010

DAYS OutTakes

While OutTakes is a blog that is meant to be primarily about theater, television and film actors...along with book reviews, theater reviews, soaps in general, etc., I have to admit I'm also a diehard Days of Our Lives fan. And with the way things have been lately on that show, when I mean die hard, I mean DIE HARD. If I haven't quit yet with all of the stuff that's been done over these last few years to annoy me, then I'm probably in for life or until cancelation. Whichever comes first.

That being said, I also like to follow the cast members, not just the present ones but the ones from way back. Waaaaay around 1980. So I decided to start a second blog called DAYS OutTakes...which is just focused on that show. Since I've watched the show ever since my Kindergarten years (I think?), I have a pretty solid knowledge of the show and respect for all the actors involved with it over the years.

So check out DAYS OutTakes for hopefully some interesting discussions about what's going on with that crazy soap opera.

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