Friday, June 18, 2010

Daytime Emmy Predictions

I'm not very skilled at the guessing game of the acting reels and the backstage politics behind the scenes where the Daytime Emmys are concerned. I can only pick what I would do if I were a judge.

Outstanding Drama Series - General Hospital. The Kristina abuse storyline was incredible. Even this storyline with Michael in prison is good, despite the Drew Garrett firing. Good actors and great writing. This gets my vote.

Outstanding Lead Actress - Crystal Chappell (Guiding Light). The Natalia/Olivia romance, along with all the residual popularity from "Venice" and "Days of Our Lives" has made her a very hot property this year.

Outstanding Lead Actor - Michael Park (As the World Turns). A shout-out to him, both as a tribute to the ATWT cancellation and the storyline of Jack's guilt after his brother's death.

Outstanding Supporting Actress - Arianne Zucker (Days of Our Lives). She was incredible with the whole Sydney kidnapping storyline. Even if the perils of Sydney have been dragged out far too long, it's not Arianne's fault. Give the woman an Emmy.

Outstanding Supporting Actor - Jonathan Jackson (General Hospital). He killed it as Lucky with the whole Lucky/Liz/Nikolas triangle. This was not the clip he submitted. Even so, he gives his all to every scene.

Outstanding Younger Actress - Julie Marie Berman (General Hospital). Dante and Lulu have been rocking ever since they had their first scene of dialogue.

Outstanding Younger Actor - Drew Garrett (General Hospital). A sympathy shout-out for his unfair firing.

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team - General Hospital. Great show, great directing.

Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team - As the World Turns. Let's face it. All the soaps in this storyline have had pretty laughable writing this last year. So ATWT gets the sympathy vote.

Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show - The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Hey, it's Ellen.

Outstanding Informative Talk Show - Dr. Phil. Hey, it's Dr. Phil.

Outstanding Talk Show - The View. Hey, it's the View.

OK, I'll be honest. I don't watch talk shows much.

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