Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 OutTakes Interview Archive

Thanks to all who have supported OutTakes and made the first seven months an exciting time! Sometimes, Blogtalkradio can be difficult to navigate through. So here is a list of all the interviews done this year. All can be found at this link. Let's hope that 2011 rocks!!!

James Reynolds (Abe Carver, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) - 6/5/2010.
What's it all about? James as actor and director in the Cape May productions of And Where She Stops Nobody Knows and Top Dog/Underdog.

Patsy Pease (Kim Donovan, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) - 6/29/2010.
What's it all about? Patsy's recovery from spinal injury and her guest return to Days of Our Lives for the tribute to Frances Reid.

Colleen Zenk (Barbara Ryan, AS THE WORLD TURNS) - 7/12/2010.
What's it all about? Colleen's show, Summer Stock NYC.

Julia Barr (Brooke English, ALL MY CHILDREN) - 7/18/2010.
What's it all about? Julia starring in production with All My Children cast member, Walt Willey, in Arsenic and Old Lace.

Eric Sheffer Stevens (Reid Oliver, AS THE WORLD TURNS) - 7/26/2010.
What's it all about? Eric starring in production of Much Ado About Nothing and the cancellation of As The World Turns.

Save Our Soaps 2010 Campaign - 8/13/2010.
What's it all about? Campaign to save cancellation of soaps.

Nicolas Coster (Lionel Lockridge, SANTA BARBARA; Jack, THE BAY) - 8/16/2010. What's it all about? Nicolas' upcoming appearance on the web series, The Bay; his career on television.

Anthony Herrera (James Stenbeck, AS THE WORLD TURNS) - 9/7/2010.
What's it all about? Anthony's experiences with cancer as well as his book, The Cancer War.

Jerry Douglas (John Abbott, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) - 9/16/2010.
What's it all about? Guest return to The Young and the Restless; fundraiser with Scott Baio.

Leann Hunley (Anna Dimera, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) and Jennifer Brown Thomas (director of indie film, BLISSFUL LIES) - 9/20/2010.
What's it all about? Discussion of indie film Blissful Lies.

Louise Sorel (Vivian Alamain, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) - 9/23/2010.
What's it all about? Current storyline on Days of Our Lives; her career on television.

Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; Stephen Jensen, THE BAY) - 9/26/2010.
What's it all about? Matt's upcoming appearance on the web series, The Bay; his upcoming indie films; his calendar for Retinoblastoma International.

Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines, GUIDING LIGHT; Katherine Pierce, VENICE; Theodora, EMPIRE - 9/29/2010.
What's it all about? Tina's play and book, Changing Shoes.

Thom Bierdz (Phillip Chancellor III, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) - 10/19/2010.
What's it all about? Thom's stand against gay bullying; his book Forgiving Troy.

Trent Dawson (Henry Coleman, AS THE WORLD TURNS) - 10/29/2010.
What's it all about? Trent's stage work in Revival and The Memorandum.

Tom Schanley, actor of primetime and film - 11/9/2010.
What's it all about? Tom's upcoming film projects and television career.

Jon Lindstrom (Craig Montgomery, AS THE WORLD TURNS) - 11/17/2010.
What's it all about? Jon's new release recording with The High Lonesome; appearance on Blue Bloods; his stage role in Welcome: This is a Neighborhood Watch Community.

Cady McClain (Rosanna Cabot, AS THE WORLD TURNS) - 11/23/2010.
What's it all about? Cady's release of Live at Club Passim; Blue Glitter Fish; other projects.

Staci Greason (Isabella Black, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) - 12/2/2010.
What's it all about? Staci's novel, The Last Great American Housewife and her guest appearance on Days of Our Lives.

Jillian Clare (Tori, MISS BEHAVE) - 12/9/2010.
What's it all about? Second season of Miss Behave; Jillian's appearances in Victorious and Castle.

Lane Davies (Mason Capwell, SANTA BARBARA; MacKenzie Johnson, THE BAY) - 12/29/2010.
What's it all about? Lane's role in the web series, The Bay; his work on stage, including Tennessee Shakespeare Festival.

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