Sunday, December 12, 2010

Colleen Zenk Campaign for DANCING WITH THE STARS

A fanbase-run campaign to get OutTakes guest Colleen Zenk (ex-Barbara, ATWT) on Dancing With the Stars has been going strong. With about 5000 members campaigning, Colleen said that her agent had been contacted by the dance show. For a real chance for her to win, the numbers need to double. Latest count has been around 6000. Join the group "Colleen Zenk deserves to be on DWTS" on Facebook to help support the campaign!


  1. Signing COLLEEN ZENK to ABC-TV's "Dancing With The Stars" will give television audiences a visual delight! I will always be grateful to Colleen for she jump-started my TV career back in the 80's when she appeared on my Orlando TV show. At the same time, my dad was recovering from cancer surgery in the hospital. Colleen turned to the camera and wished Sam May a speedy recovery. My mom, Ruth May, never missed an episode of "As The World Turns" so she could watch her 'Barbara'.

  2. Colleen is a terrific lady! Loved hearing your story. She helped to jump-start the OutTakes Blogtalkradio show as well when it was just starting. Really hope this campaign works out for her and the fans!

  3. Colleen is going to light up ABC's stage! Cant wait to see her dance again! Fans of ATWT & Colleen please make your voice heard by going to fb & joining the group &or leaving a comment on ABC's DWTS comment page-registration is quick and painless-just click on cast next season and scroll down to the comment box. ATWT fans #'d in the millions daily we need to reach out to every last one to make this happen! Join us!