Friday, February 25, 2011


My biggest complaint about the book is that the title is misleading. A grand total of 55 out of the 253 pages actually have anything to do with the history of DAYS OF OUR LIVES. There was already an excellent book written that covered this history (DAYS OF OUR LIVES: THE COMPLETE FAMILY ALBUM by Lorraine Zenka); so I don't necessarily begrudge this. Most of the pictures in the "Weddings" section are pictures that any longterm DAYS fan has probably seen tons of times. But why not callthe book what it is for the most part? A big coffee table book of candid shots of actors around the set.

Some of the pictures really stand out as beautiful images that reek of classic Hollywood. James Reynolds, Nadia Bjorlin, Galen Gering, Bill Hayes and James Scott in particular have some great poses. There are a few sections that give us a tour behind the set in the wardrobe and makeup departments and such that are fun to look at. With other pictures, I'm scratching my head and asking "Why are these even here?"

The imbalance of the pictures in the book puzzles me. Okay. I get that DAYS' big motto is out with the old and in with the having more pictures of the current cast at the expense of the rich history of past characters doesn't surprise me at all. But even the historical section is imbalanced. Three pictures of Austin and Carrie...and not one of Tony and Anna who were on the show more recently? Kyle Lowder rates a picture as the previous "Brady Black" but Wayne Northrop as the previous "Roman Brady" doe not? No picture of the 1988 Steve and Kayla wedding that was one of DAYS OF OUR LIVES highest rated episodes ever? Fired or no, Drake Hogestyn was one of the biggest stars of DAYS OF OUR LIVES for several decades...and he gets 4 pictures? That I don't get.

As for the book signing tours, I should think that Kristian Alfonso (25 pictures), Alison Sweeney (22 pictures), Peter Reckell (17 pictures) and Molly Burnett (14 pictures) should be at all fan appearances since they dominate with the most pictures. I find it bizarre that Mark Hapka rated 11 pictures worth; and yet DAYS didn't see fit to keep him around. The authors of the book, Greg Meng and Eddie Campbell, are great guys at the book signings, but I really don't understand their thinking as they put this book together.

That being said, I can understand why DAYS OF OUR LIVES is going all over the country with star-studded autograph signings of this book. On its own merit without the glitz and glamour, I wonder if it would do so well.

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