Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BRING BACK JACK!!! Call-in Show

Do you cringe at the thought of Jennifer Horton with anyone else besides her soul mate, Jack Deveraux? Do you love to watch Matthew Ashford as "Steve Jensen" on The Bay? Do you want to see Abby back with her dad who she adored as a child? Do you love watching YouTube clips of Jack's early days as a villain you loved to hate, the early days of the Salem Spectator, the Cruise of Deception, Alamania and other great storylines where Matthew Ashford was front and center? Then call in and support Matthew Ashford in this BRING BACK JACK!!! campaign show.

The campaign head of the FB page "Matthew Ashford : Bring him back to Days of Our Lives as Jack Deveraux" and "Save Jack and Jennifer" on Twitter will be joining me as a co-host. Jack fans can call in to chat about great storylines, about what's wrong with Days of Our Lives as it is now, about why we want one of Salem's iconic characters and the soap world's beloved actor back on the soap.

Join OUTTAKES on SUNDAY, MARCH 6TH at 10 PM EST. The call-in number for the show is (347) 989-0605. Be sure to press "1" when prompted by the recording to be brought onto the switchboard with a question. If you register with a Blogtalkradio account, you can also participate in the chat room. The radio show can be found at the following link.

DISCLAIMER: Matthew Ashford is in no way involved with this show directly. This is a grassroots effort by his fans to support him as his character of "Jack" on Days of Our Lives and to GET JACK BACK!!!

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