Monday, March 7, 2011

Play Review - Payback's a Brunch

Youngblood's Revenge Brunch
The Ensemble Studio Theatre, NYC

Payback's a Brunch...and I found out all about that last Sunday!

Nurtured by the Ensemble Studio Theatre, youngblood consists of a group of emerging playwrights under thirty. Through meetings, readings, workshops, et cetera, these playwrights work on their craft. Every month, they have a brunch where audience members enjoy a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs, fruit, Bloody Marys and mimosas (no small feat in one very crowded black box theater!) before sitting back for an afternoon of one act plays; in this case, the plays were all about REVENGE!!!

From the poignant Crows Nest centering on sibling angst to the outrageous Scandal Skank and Maria; or a Lullabye for the Cat that Neutered Me, there was a little something for everyone's vindictive tastes. I particularly enjoyed In Transit -- where two women (Julie Leedes and Diana Ruppe) wait at an airport bar and plot revenge against the men who have made their lives hell.

The definite show stopper of the afternoon was the hilarious Bridget Vs. Law & Order, written by Darcy Fowler. When a frustrated New York actress, "denied her rite of passage" for never landing a role on Law & Order, holds up the set and attempts to force the vet actors of the show to endure humiliation on YouTube, much comedy and chaos ensues. Georgia, the hated and temperamental diva on the set was played brilliantly by none other than Florencia Lozano (Tea, One Life to Live, pictured above).

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