Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 OutTakes Interview Archive

CHARLES SHAUGHNESSY (The Bay; The Nanny; Days of Our Lives) talks about his internet company, Hyperspots, as well as his career in television. 1/11/11.

JUDITH CHAPMAN (Young and the Restless) talks about her role in Vivien. 2/1/11.

"BRING BACK JACK" CAMPAIGN SHOW: a get-together with fans of Matthew Ashford and "Jack Deveraux" fans to get him back on Days of Our Lives. And months later, we got him back! 3/6/11.

CASEY DEIDRICK and CHANDLER MASSEY (Days of Our Lives) talk about their appearance at ACME Comedy Hollywood. 3/11/11.

CHRISTIAN LEBLANC (Young and the Restless) talks about his appearance at The Tennessee Williams Festival. 3/15/11.

ILENE KRISTEN (One Life to Live) talks about her appearance in My Big Gay Italian Wedding. 3/17/11.

CAMDEN TOY (The Bay) talks about the web series as well as his career in film and television. 3/18/11.

STEVE BLACKWOOD (Days of Our Lives) talks about his role in Ding Dong. 3/19/11.

MARK HAPKA (Days of Our Lives) talks about his appearance in "Celebrity Improv Mashup". 3/22/11.

JOSEPH BOLOGNA and RENEE TAYLOR (film, television and theater stars) talk about their appearance in Lovers and Other Strangers. 4/29/11.

LISSA COFFEY (bestselling author) talks about her webshow, CoffeyBuzz. 6/14/11.

SANDRA DEE ROBINSON (The Bay) talks about her career and her business, Charisma on Camera. 7/11/11.

RIB HILLIS ($100 Makeover) and TERRI IVENS (All My Children) talk about Piranhaconda. 7/22/11.

MATT MULLINS (Mortal Kombat: Legacy) discusses his career. 7/28/11.

MATTHEW ASHFORD (Days of Our Lives) and CHRISTINA SAFFRAN ASHFORD discuss their roles in the musical I Do! I Do!. 8/14/11.

DEENA DILL (iCarly) discusses her career in television and film. 8/25/11.

MOLLY BURNETT (Days of Our Lives) discusses her appearance at "Hollywood Saturday Night". 9/15/11.

MIKE C. MANNING (The Real World) discusses his appearance at "Hollywood Dream Role". 9/18/11.

MARY BETH EVANS (Days of Our Lives; The Bay) discusses her appearance in "Murder at the Howard Johnson's". 9/19/11.

JORDI VILASUSO (All My Children) talks about his time on the soap and career in television. 9/22/11.

DOUG JONES (Hellboy; Fantastic 4; Pan's Labyrinth) discusses "Hollywood Saturday Night". 9/23/11.

ALINA ADAMS (author of Soap Opera 451) discusses her book. 9/29/11.

FREDDIE SMITH (Days of Our Lives) talks about his appearance on "Hollywood Dream Role". 10/6/11.

KRISTOS ANDREWS (The Bay) talks about his appearance on "Hollywood Dream Role". 10/20/11.

GREGG BINKLEY (Raising Hope) talks about his career in television. 10/25/11.

REGINALD VELJOHNSON (Family Matters; Die Hard) talks about "Hollywood Saturday Night" Appearance. 11/2/11.

CRYSTAL CHAPPELL (Guiding Light; Days of Our Lives; Venice) discusses Season 3 of Venice. 11/18/11

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