Monday, July 12, 2010

Marie Wilson on THE BAY

Just when you think THE BAY can't possibly have a cooler cast, Gregori J. Martin works another miracle! Happy to hear Marie Wilson (fondly known as "NutMeg" for many ATWT fans) is going to be joining the cast. So happy to know Marie will be back in the soaps. So happy to know she'll be paired up as Charles Shaughnessy's daughter. So happy, period!

Here is the announcement from THE BAY'S Facebook Page:

As the cast of CBS's AS THE WORLD TURNS bid-fairwell to their Brooklyn Studio, the sun still shines for Marie Wilson (Meg Snyder) as the sales west and docks at THE BAY! Wilson joins our cast in the role of Isabella Ahmed, an egyptian woman with a sordid past. Isabella is the daughter of Captain Issa Ahmed, played by... Charles Shaughnessy. Wilson also played Dr. Karen Wexler on ABC's PORT CHARLES. She begins taping her first scenes of THE BAY at the end of July/beginning of August. We're happy to have her on board..

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