Monday, July 12, 2010

Web Series Review - What If?, Part 1

The much-awaited and imaginative ABC web series where different soap characters collide has finally arrived with a bang. So far, some of it I've loved. Some of it is predictably cheesy. Watch at the "What If" website and you be the judge!

Sonny Corinthos (GH) / Erica Kane (AMC) - Two legendary soap opera characters stuck in an elevator. The episode that should have worked, but I don’t know. I just didn’t feel real chemistry with these two. If this had been a legitimate couple on a soap, everyone would be saying that this was too plot-driven and contrived.

Ryan Lavery (AMC) / Carly Corinthos Jacks (GH) - Nice romantic comedy with these two, even though so far this series seems to be trending on mixing the characters together in enclosed spaces. Yes, another stuck elevator. However, I do think someone definitely needs to clue Ryan in to his inner bad boy.

Damien Spinelli (GH) / Todd Manning (OLTL) - The winner of the series that I had to watch twice! “The Psychotic One” and “Spaghetti” are truly the super couple of this series so far. Stuck together on a plane, but can you think of two characters more incompatible and more delicious? Loved it!!!

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