Monday, December 26, 2011

Soap Opera Christmas Round-Up 2011

BEST CHRISTMAS REUNION: John and Marlena on "Days of Our Lives". Rex and Gigi on "One Life to Live" get a good mention as well. Maybe the long absence of J/M from DAYS just makes their reunion a bit more meaningful for me.

BEST SOAP WEDDING: Billy and Victoria on "Young and the Restless". Although the lead-in with the Chloe/Kevin debacle along with the American Idol chick was stupid, that still did not detract from the reunion of one of the best soap couples around right now.

BEST OBLIGATORY "CHRISTMAS CAROL" EPISODE: Yes, the whole annual Y&R It's a Wonderful Life Xmas Carol jazz is getting old...but Melody Thomas rocked it with her episodes.

FUNNIEST CHRISTMAS: "Christmas threw up in our living room!" exclaimed Nick after he saw Pam's handiwork on "The Bold and the Beautiful". Fun watching the Logan girls slaughter that bird...and then Dollar Bill saves the day.

MOST BITTERSWEET CHRISTMAS: What at this point is the last Christmas in Llanview on "One Life to Live". What more needs to be said?

MOST DOWNER CHRISTMAS: Hard to watch Patrick and Robin on "General Hospital" knowing what is in store for the couple. Even the Quartermaines were too dour and not enough funny.

WACKIEST CHRISTMAS: THE HOLI-BAY -- Eight sitcom-style episodes of comic improv with different "Bay" members and Santa Claus.

VENICE: No Christmas episode on the beach in Season 3, Episode 5...but a great scene with Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell as "Gina" comes out to "Richard".

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