Sunday, December 11, 2011

Soap Opera Round-up 12/5 to 12/9

BEST SOAP OF THE WEEK: ONE LIFE TO LIVE. The "Fraternity Row" cancellation -- along with Roxy's outrage and determination to save her favorite story -- is a wonderful reflection on what has happened in real life to OLTL. I give props to this soap for not going down without a fight. Having Clint Buchanan practically spout out Oprah Winfrey's YouTube speech about the soaps was brilliant!

BEST ACTOR OF THE WEEK: Chandler Massey (Will, DAYS OF OUR LIVES). Chandler is fi-yah as Will going into meltdown mode. The scene where Will called Sami out on her hypocrisy to Marlena was a showstopper!

BEST ACTRESS OF THE WEEK: Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS). It's not easy to be dead drunk, find out your husband is taking the rap for a murder you committed...and then Deacon Sharpe forces you to marry him. She's had a bad week; and Melody is making up for her lost time on the soap.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES - Kudos for the Horton family tradition being continued. The whole reboot is a bust if we don't have that, damn it! I'm liking Austin and Abby. Both characters have been too goody goody. Yeah, Austin is older and all that...but the dramatic fallout of Carrie, Sami, Jack and Jennifer resulting from a May/December romance would be incredible. Maybe Abby will wise up that Chad just isn't that into her and will fall even harder for Mr. Pretty Boy Boxer.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL - Enough of the Hope/Liam/Steffy fluff. Let's get down to brass tacks with stolen dress designs and a good old-fashioned Jackie M/Stephanie catfight! Now that's soap opera! And I'm loving it. Also loving Pam and Nick...but I feel sorry for Pam...having gone from the real thing with Stephen Logan (Patrick Duffy) to having only hot kisses with Nick Marone (Jack Wagner)...wait, what am I saying?! I'm jealous as hell!

GENERAL HOSPITAL - The soap was mildly improved this week. Good strong drama between Lucky, Liz and Luke. Say that fast three times. Dante and Lulu had a nice angst breakup. Sonny got an idea of what the people back at his old homestead really think about him. But the week fell apart when the focus went back to the WhoCaresWhoDunnit murder mystery of Lisa Niles.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS - Okay, I've had it with the bad singer at Glowworm; and I don't care who she is in real life. This is boring filler storyline! The episode that went backwards in time, different. Half the time, I thought I had accidentally set the DVR wrong.
BITCHIEST SOAP LINE OF THE WEEK - Gloria about Jill when they accidentally meet up at a bar - "Sometimes company is the misery."

ONE LIFE TO LIVE - Loved Fraternity Row. Over Paris, Texas. Blair and Todd = HAWT!!!

If THE BAY would ever work out the technology to buy wardrobe through clicking on the episode, I would soooo buy myself Sara Garrett's black and white dress for Xmas! Lianne makes a spectacle of herself. The Mayor seems to be getting senile. Stephen's up to no good!

VENICE - Hillary B. Smith and Harrison White steal the show for Episode 2!

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