Tuesday, September 14, 2010

THE BAY - Confessions of the Garretts, part 6

In the final confession, Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) tells that she succeeded with her plan to break up Lee and Janice (Lilly Melgar) through faking the kidnapping of daughter Marly (Martha Madison). After remarrying Lee, Arturo Tonelli (Matthew Borlenghi) showed up with long lost son, Pete, who Sara didn't remember. That being the last straw, Lee and Sara divorced once more...leading to an affair with...guess who? That's right. Lex Martin (Tristan Rogers). As it now stands, Sara regrets the craziness of her life and hurting the people that she loves.

Latest breaking BAY news: Andrea Evans has now been cast in the web series.

Tune in today (Wednesday, September 15th) for the premiere episode of THE BAY!!!

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