Sunday, September 19, 2010

Editorial - As The World Stops Turning

As I listen to Tom Hughes reflect for the last time upon the citizens of Oakdale in the final episode of As The World Turns, I am very aware of what is being lost with the cancellation of this show. While I was not a long-term watcher of the show (too many soaps, too little time -- and before the days of the Internet, a VCR can only be programmed to tape so much!), I have learned enough to appreciate the fine acting of the cast, even having had the personal privilege of getting to interview cast members Colleen Zenk (Barbara), Eric Sheffer Stevens (Reid) and Anthony Herrera (James). I have learned enough to appreciate the highs and lows of the rich history of Oakdale. I have learned enough to appreciate that with every soap that we lose, one more piece is being chipped away from a television genre that means so much to many people. I have learned enough to appreciate how the networks are in a bind financially...but will another cheesy game show or generic morning talk show live in the collective memory for as long as shows like As The World Turns? Over the weekend, I've read criticisms of disappointment over the ending episode. Yet, in all fairness, how could the last episode of a show that has lasted since 1956 possibly live up to all of the expectations and memories? I wish the best for all the cast, crew and fans of this show. The "World" has stopped turning.

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