Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Anthony Herrera's portrayal of "James Stenbeck" on As The World Turns is a classic example of the never-dying villain that "you love to hate". After decades of tormenting the residents of Oakdale, the character has not been forgotten. Even during the final airing episodes of the soap from last week, various characters believed they saw a vision of James Stenbeck on Barbara and Henry's wedding day. On a personal level, Anthony Herrera made medical history as one of the first cancer patients to go into remission after having stem cell transplants. We'll be talking about his book The Cancer War, his work in support of stem cell research, the final days of As The World Turns and Poetry Theatre.

The radio show is scheduled for Tuesday, September 7th, at 10 PM EST. Call-in number is 1-347-989-0605. If registered with Blogtalkradio, you may also participate in the chatroom. Go here for the OutTakes link for this show on Blogtalkradio.

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