Saturday, October 23, 2010

ANTHONY HERRERA to work on Tennessee Williams documentary

As per OUTTAKES guest Anthony Herrera's Facebook page:

"In 2007, Dr. Daniel Lenihan (my heart doctor) initiated a partnership between cardiologists and oncologists, originally having a conference for representatives of each major medical discipline, to “talk to one another” so that their separate paths of treatment do not interfere with one another in treating a patient with cancer and heart disease. One principle goal was to better communicate problems that chemotherapy can cause in the patient and to find early warning signals to prevent heart damage and other circulatory complications that might occur from the cancer treatment.

Dr. Lenihan ask me to give a talk and I first presented THE HUMAN SPIRIT – A VITAL WEAPON at MD Anderson that year / 2008 - Sloan Kettering / MD Anderson Cardio Conference - New York City / 2009 - Hackensack Cancer Center - New Jersey and St Jude - Memphis

I presented at Vanderbilt – 7 October 2010 And SLU in St. Louis - 9 October.
This can be viewed on:
I received a hardy applause at Vanderbilt and a standing ovation in St. Louis.
I was awarded by the New York Foundation for the Arts
$10,000 for a documentary on Tennessee Williams in
New Orleans featuring - Kenneth Holditch, PhD - the
world's leading scholar on America’s greatest playwright.
I am now in the Crescent City preparing for the shoot.

Thank you all . . .

Congrats, Anthony!

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