Tuesday, October 5, 2010


October 5th Book Signing at BORDERS (Columbus Circle) promoting Harry Hamlin’s autobiography, Full Frontal Nudity, and Lisa Rinna’s fictional novel, Starlit.

Let me start off that I’ve been to many book signings here in New York City...but I have yet to go to one with such intense media coverage. I’d almost swear that the number of photographers may have been equal to the amount of people who were simply showing up to the event to get their books signed. So a little bit of old-style Hollywood paparazzi seemed to have hit BORDERS last night.

Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna made an entrance in style. First, Lisa’s voice came out over the microphone announcing they were at the store, followed by Harry saying hello.

If you caught Lisa Rinna’s performance during the second season of Dancing With the Stars, you know that the lady is in great shape. She looked even more disgustingly perfect in person, wearing a white Narciso Rodrigez dress and a white leather fendi jacket (Thanks, Lisa, for that Twitter update, LOL!) along with a pair of beige shoes with neck-breaking high heels. Harry looked like he often does on television, wearing all black with a black leather jacket.

Unfortunately, Harry announced that their Belle Gray store in Truman Oaks had been robbed earlier in the morning; so the couple was obviously not too happy about that. Even so, they rose to the occasion with a fun Q&A before the book signing.

Here’s a recap of the Q&A done at the book signing:

Harry gave a great story regarding the coincidence of how his book and Lisa’s book came out at the same time. When he was married to actress Laura Johnson, he was on LA Law while she was on Falcon Crest. The shows aired at the same time on Friday nights. A little later on, LA Law was moved to Thursday nights while Laura got a new show called Heartbeat. And guess when that show aired? Thursday night. That marriage didn’t work out. Second wife Nicolette Sheridan comes along (well known as Edie of Desperate Housewives) who at that time was on Knots Landing. Yes, that show aired at the same time as LA Law. Later on, Harry left LA Law and was on another show called Movie Stars...which aired at the same time as Lisa Rinna’s Melrose Place. So now, they are going to be on the same show...Harry Loves Lisa...and Harry will no longer be plagued with a spouse's competive TV show!

Harry and Lisa had been too busy to read each other’s books so they had speedread them on the flight to NYC. Lisa loved reading about Harry’s life described in Full Frontal Nudity taking place before she had ever met him, finding out about all the dirty little secrets like how many times he was arrested. She summed up that “Harry is a good writer” and it was a “quick read”. Laughs abounded as Harry gave Lisa a ten-dollar bill for the review. He in turn described Lisa’s book as “juicy”.

Lisa admits that Starlit is “romantic fluff along the lines of Jackie Collins”. Urged by her publisher to write it, Lisa’s book is slightly autobiographical, talking about the life and times of a young actress who is trying to make it to the big time. And, yes, a lot of the characters are based on people she knows in real life...specifically, people from Harry’s past!

There was some discussion if Lisa’s store, Belle Gray, would ever make it to NYC. Do it...Lisa...do it! I could never afford to buy anything there but do it anyway!

Harry would love to do more Broadway but wants to spend time at home with his kids. The couple described their appearance in the Broadway version of Chicago as a "magical time" where they could act on stage as well as have their children stay with them in New York. "We really have a middle class life," Harry said. "No limos or mansions..." Harry Loves Lisa will pull the curtain back and show what they are really like in their home life.

When asked if she still kept in touch with her Days of Our Lives co-stars, Lisa said that "DAYS was the best training". While I have heard all kinds of rumors about Robert Kelker Kelly (the ex-Bo Brady who was not Peter Reckell) over the years, apparently the couple had to have security detail around because of him. Wow! Lisa still sees Peter Reckell (Bo), Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) and Deidre Hall (Marlena) from time to time. Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) has been seen shopping a few times at Lisa's store, Belle Gray.

Harry enjoyed working on Veronica Mars. He revealed that Kristen Bell is pushing to make a movie from the series.

Harry loves Lisa will be premiering tonight (October 6th) on TVLand. Check your local TV listings for specific times. Be sure and tune in to learn more about this glamorous couple!

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