Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Web Series Review - THE BAY Ch. 2, Ep. 1

Chapter Two is coming off to a great start with the debuts of Real Andrews, Daphne Bloomer, Clare-Louise Sedgley and Charles Shaughnessy. Dr. Keith Campbell (Real Andrews) pays Colleen (Daphne Bloomer) a visit. During the conversation we learn that Colleen gave up her daughter, Vivian, when she was sixteen. Charles Shaughnessy (as Captain Elliot Sanders) can read the phone book and be if product placements really have to happen in the series, he's an excellent choice as resident salesman. I love the father-daughter relationship going on with Elliott and Isabella (Clare-Louise Sedgley). Sedgley is a wonderful casting choice; and I'm looking forward to finding out more about the story of these two. Wild and crazy Igor has da bomb...and gives off a big reveal about Brian which I will not spoil here. Now THE BAY is really rocking!

Watch the episode at this link.

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