Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dirty Soap -- Review of Season One

DIRTY SOAP has seemed to be a paradox from the word go. While many of us have panned reality television shows, blaming the form for the loss of scripted television series...this is a reality show that has actually brought more attention to daytime actors. The jury's still up in the air, however, when one episode featured Kelly Monaco looking for something to fall back on in the event that GENERAL HOSPITAL is canceled.

Like most reality shows, I question the "reality" of it. Do you really mean to tell me that Jenna Gering is bothered by Galen's love scenes when he's been in the soap biz for how long now? Jean Paul Lavoisier and Farrah Fath are really going to make a serious life decision like marriage in front of the cameras? Perhaps the most realistic event of the whole season was Kirsten Storms' illness that apparently was so serious that it took her out of the game completely. However, there's no denying that the real life actors are a heck of a lot more interesting than their soap opera role counterparts. I'll take witchy Farah Fath anytime over "Gigi Morasco"; same goes for the eccentric Jean Paul Lavoisier over "Rex".

Definitely fun guilty pleasure TV. Will I be heartbroken if there's not another season? No. Will I watch if there is a Season Two? Definitely.

Highlights of the season: Farah Fath going toe to toe with Kirsten Storms; Nadia Bjorlin's mom setting her daughter up with a date in an effort to break up her relationship with Brandon Beemer

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