Friday, November 11, 2011


Beautiful scenery, country/rock soundtracks, high production values and powerhouse performances abound in the much-anticipated webseries, River Ridge. The new show will focus on realistic issues such as poverty, interracial relationships and family conflict. Familiar to soap fans are veteran soap opera actresses Signy Coleman (ex-Hope, The Young and the Restless), Julie Pinson (ex-Janet, As The World Turns) and Beth Ehlers (ex-Harley, Guiding Light) who deliver strong performances in the first episode -- very different from their soap opera counterparts. Add to that some sexiness from primetime actors Mark Doherty and Shannon Sturges for good measure! This show will be something to look forward to.

Tyler Ford -- the creator, executive producer, writer and director -- makes it clear that his goal is both "to educate and to entertain", hoping that this gritty series based in truth will touch people everywhere.

Signy Coleman (producer who plays "Sharon Reeves") hopes that viewers will empathize with the very real struggles and issues of the various storylines -- "that we are not alone...and that there are solutions..."

At the NYC premiere on November 11th (hosted by Roger Newcomb of We Love Soaps), several cast members appeared to attend the event, including Beth Ehlers, Jon Prescott, Danielle DiLorenzo, Mark Doherty, Seth Ford, Christina Jackson, Matthew Daniell, Carrie Watt and Isabella Nolan.

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