Sunday, November 20, 2011

Soap Opera Round-up 11/14 to 11/18


BEST ACTOR: James Scott (EJ, DAYS)

BEST ACTRESS: Alison Sweeney (Sami, DAYS)

Don't get me wrong. I don't think that yet another unoriginal "child in peril" storyline is worthy of any awards. We've been through the Sydney/Grace switch/kidnapping, Ciara's kidnapping, Johnny's retinoblastoma and now Johnny's disappearance. However, for some reason, the DAYS acting and the writing kicks into high gear during these stories when they falter at other times. If only as much passion and energy could go on without a kid being tortured!

The reboot (whether a success or a failure, ratings-wise) has really given Alison Sweeney a lot to work with. Now Sami can have her angst against John and Marlena, her rivalry with Carrie and her juggling of Austin, Rafe and EJ all at the same time! We are really seeing this come into play this week with Johnny's disappearance. Alison Sweeney often blows hot and cold with me. If Sami is in good girl/victim mode, I admit I get bored out of my skull. But when Sami goes postal, Ali Sweeney brings it like nobody's business!

And who does Sami go postal with better than EJ (James Scott)? Why can't these two quit each other? Because they are both intense passionate imperfect personalities that are FIRE on screen! Yes, Hogan Sheffer really messed up with the rape back in 2007...and that's always going to be the elephant in the room. But really? Who wants SAFE? Soap opera is not supposed to be safe. It is supposed to be high drama and angst and sex and romance.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Interesting storylines threaten to happen...but it keeps going back to the Steffie/Liam/Hope triangle over and over again. I am enjoying the Pam and Nick storyline, even if it is just going to be comic filler. Soap line of the week: (Jackie when she pimps Nick out to Pam to save the company) "Don't be so judgemental. Pam hasn't tried to kill anyone in ages!"

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Am I the only one who can't tell the Kate recast and the Maxie recast apart? Sam always resents when Carly talks to Jason...but it is okay with Spinelli to live with them? Nice to see Monica get some scenes again. Still with GH these days, it seems just like all talk and talk and talk with nothing really happening. Even the Franco rape of Sam was anticlimatic. Nobody can even remember it!

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: I am getting soap opera schizophrenia, watching Ashley/Kristen/Kelly (Eileen Davidson) marry Tucker/Steve/Stefan/Skyler (Stephen Nichols); add to that an interesting exchange between the groom and Genevieve/Diane/Laura (Genie Francis). Whew! Billy and Victoria unite. Tucker/Genevieve -- Stefan/Laura -- Steve/Diane; I give the Neil/Sofia marriage about as long a lifespan as your average Kardashian marriage. Okay, I'll say it. I like Amelia Heinlie as Victoria; and I think she has great chemistry with Billy Miller. Loved seeing them reunite this week. So sue me!

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: I am also sad and depressed about the last OLTL taping of the week...and how the actors have been told to move out of their dressing rooms. That being said, I thought the soap was pretty lackluster. I could care less about John and Natalie, about Brody kidnapping Lian, about Stacy/Gigi Morasco. But it was fun seeing Tonja Walker again.

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