Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Soap Opera Round-Up, 11/21 through 11/23

Bitchiest Thanksgiving, BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL:
I don't know who was dreading the Forrester Thanksgving feast more: Steffie, Liam, Hope or me (who would have to endure watching the whole darned thing!) Over all, the bloodshed was kept at a minimum. Sweet innocent Hope had the bitchiest line of the week.
Hope (to Thomas): I would like to rip your sister a new one.
Thomas: Hope, it's Thanksgiving!
Hope: Well, maybe that would be something to be thankful for.

Happiest Thanksgiving, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS:
Delia and Billy are my favorite father/daughter relationship in soaps right now. Billy secretly saving his daughter's life, Delia always asking for her daddy, moustache-twirling Victor Newman melting in sympathy and letting Billy free. Schmaltz...but good schmaltz!
Other great moments of the week:
-- Adam and Patty's cat-and-mouse games. Get two actors like Muhney and Haiduk together...and WATCH OUT!
-- Phyllis and Avery's conversation where we all find out just how messed up Phyllis' childhood really was. Kudos to Michelle Stafford and Jessica Collins.
-- Return of Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). Something the Y&R fans are grateful for this holiday!

Angstiest Thanksgiving, GENERAL HOSPITAL:
If the Quartermaine Thanksgivings make you flinch, you can be thankful your holidays aren't as bad. If you can totally identify with all of the relative animosity, you can be thankful for the funny zingers of Edward, Tracy and Monica. Tracy tried her best to make the recently victimized Sam uncomfortable. Luke was a no-show. Ultimately, Jason freaked out and knocked over a holiday table. Score!
-- Kristen Storms, please come back!
-- When the Quartermaines are offscreen, Anthony Zacchara and Diane at least make this show watchable.
-- Most of this week was pretty boring!

Tearjerking-est Thanksgiving, ONE LIFE TO LIVE:
On screen, fans were crying at the death of Matthew Buchanan. Off screen, fans are crying because of the failure for Prospect Park to follow through with bringing this soap online. Add to that all of the comments from the signed-up OLTL actors who found out right before Thanksgiving that their future job prospects have fallen through. Who did not tear up at Viki's speech at the Thanksgiving table, now knowing this is the last Llanville Thanksgiving?
-- Good zinger by the mayor: "Nora The DA who couldn't secure a guilty verdict against Osama bin Laden."
-- Blair/Tea: Best Frenemies Forever.

Most Sentimental Thanksgiving, DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Maggie cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner, Jack and Jennifer back in Salem, John once again imprisoned with a tearful Marlena (memories of Aremid, anyone?), Sami self-destructing and taking down her loved ones with's beginning to look a lot like DAYS OF OUR LIVES.
-- I will be thankful if Sami is not knocked up from her recent slam-bam with EJ. Chandler Massey (Will) is showing his acting chops. I even kind of feel sorry for poor Rafe, the schmuck.
-- I don't know whether I like this Jack/Jennifer storyline or hate it. The upside is Matthew Ashford has a strong story to work with regarding the post-traumatic stress disorder. So much emotion when he just says the word "Afganistan" and all the horror that means. That being said, I hate hate hate that Jennifer wants Jack to settle down and teach journalism and be just as boring as she is. Intrepid reporting was what brought this couple together in the first place...and is a major force in what made Jack/Jennifer a supercouple. You don't see Bo and Hope pulling this crap! Watch some J/J YouTube clips, people in charge!

Craziest Thanksgiving, THE HOLIBAY: The Curious Case of the Missing Turkey - THE BAY takes a break from the drama and performs a comedic improv show. Plot line: Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) is missing her turkey. Wackiness, laughs and catfights as a result!

Thanksgiving Season Premiere, VENICE:
-- Otalia fans have something to be thankful for with Gina's dream sequence at the beginning.
-- Galen Gering's "Rafe" on DAYS may not be getting any, but his "Owen" seems to be.
-- Thank God I can still get my Hillary B. Smith fix here!
-- Liking what I see with the pairing of Michael Sabatino and Tina Sloane.

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