Wednesday, August 11, 2010

THE BAY - Confessions of the Garretts, Pt 1

So for those of us who have missed Mary Beth Evans, despite the occasional appearance as Kayla (DAYS) or Sierra (ATWT), here we get a great Evans performance in spades! With these "confessionals", this is a way for some backstory to be told in a short time to set up the scene for the beginning of Gregori Martin's THE BAY series. The link to Part 1 is here.

I am particularly excited to hear about the dysfunctional twisted relationship of Sara to Steve Jensen (to be played by Matthew Ashford). Back during the glory decade of Days of Our Lives, both Mary Beth and Matthew gave powerhouse performances with the storyline of the Jack/Kayla marriage ultimately leading to rape. Although these are different characters, I know that these two can play angst like nobody's business; and I for one can't wait to see it!

A big thank you to Gregori Martin for recognizing great actors when you have them. Also, for recognizing that drama and good storytelling can still happen with character over 30. Good times ahead!

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