Saturday, August 7, 2010

Soap Round-Up 8/2 to 8/6

SOAP OF THE WEEK - THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. I loved the Glowworm Opening. This reminded me of soaps in the 80s -- giving an excuse for all the characters to dress to the nines and snark at each other.

Winner Moments: Fun to see the Newman girls go wild at the club opening while Ashley looked drop dead gorgeous. Lauren and Jill are fun adversaries when they don't go over the top in the graveyard. Great to see the "old" Phyllis back! Last but not least, the surprise Adam/Sharon kiss. Yes, he's a rat who swapped her baby and all that...but there was a hawtness factor with this kiss. Or maybe I've just missed having Michael Muhney around. I'm pretty much ready for Phyllis and Sharon to ditch Nick for good for the bad boys Deacon and Adam.

Loser moments: Not too long ago, Paul was kissing Lauren when she was high on the weird pills. Now he's kissing Cricket just for old times sake. And yet he's the first one to give someone a morality lecture when he gets on his high horse! If Jana wants to get her man back, she needs to stop wearing ridiculous outfits at parties. I'm ready for Mac to do a good deed in Africa or Ethiopia, somewhere far from Genoa City!

SOAP ACTORS OF THE WEEK: Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, Y&R) tied with Florencia Lozeno (Tea, OLTL). I couldn't decide which actress was better. They both rocked it!


Winner: Angie's week to shine with the blindness vs. pregancy storyline

Loser: Marissa going along with getting pregnant, doing anything for that loser JR.


Winner: Henry just looks really funny in drag.

Loser: Wouldn't it have been cooler for Barbara to have been kidnapped by James Stenbeck rather than Iris?


Winner: Susan Flannery for actually having all these scenes about this monotonous Hope/Oliver/Brooke nonsense and making think that "Stephanie" cares about any of this garbage.

Best Line: Nick to Jackie: "Mother, I don't want to shame you. I just want to make sure your reality checks don't bounce!"

Losers: Where do I start? Poor Brandon Beemer having to endure the gray statue body paint? Bridget whining incessantly? Hope trying to forget Oliver's accidental escapade with Brooke by recreating the event? And if I had a dollar for everything I have to hear that stupid "motion...motion..." song again!


Winners: The EJ/Sami proposal was sweet for as long as it lasted. Brady Black is being a badass and I like it! Better than seeing him be the constant pushover; and he is way hotter with Nicole than Arianna. Great to see Doug and Julie again in a real scene.

Losers: Was it really necessary for the "Chloe behind the screen" scene to go on for three episodes? Is NightTime Hope almost at an end? Why is she going to jail instead of going to a mental facility?


Winners: Carly ran the show this week with her manipulations to bring Dante down! Robin just had to say she got an email from Brenda...and Sonny's like "Claire who?"

Best line: Helena: "I'll be having a massage...with benefits."

Loser: This whole "Mom of Franco" thing doesn't do it for me.


Winners: Todd and Tea owned it with the wedding, the confusion of Todd with the different face (Roger Howarth fans all over the world were freaking out!) and the heartbreaking scene of Tea deciding to go into hospice. Evil Eli making Hannah overdose was pretty fun and creepy.

Best Line: Jack to Blair about Eli: "Wake up and smell the carnage, Ma! The dude is a killer!"

Losers: Were all the little fantasy scenarios of Natalie's pregnancy really necessary? I'm not a fan of two main characters getting pregnant at the same time. I'm still scarred by the DAYS baby switch stuff with Sami and Nicole.

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