Sunday, August 1, 2010

THE BAY Fundraiser Party

For some great pix of THE BAY fundraiser, go to Mary Beth Evans' website at this link.

A few changes coming up as announced by Lanyfilms Prod: "We've decided to go in a different direction with Charles Shaughnessy's character on our series. While he will still be playing the Captain of the police force, he will no longer be playing middle-eastern. His new character will be Englishman Captain Elliot Sanders. To play his daughter, Isabella Sanders on the series is soap opera newcomer and Shakespearean trained actress, Claire-Louise Sedgley. The English-born actress played a leading role in Gregori J. Martin's film LIGHTS OUT. We welcome Ms. Sedgley to the cast. Marie Wilson who was formerly slated to play the part, will still be part of the cast in another role. Character TBA. We apologize for any confusion but we're sure you'll be pleased with the changes!"

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