Wednesday, August 25, 2010

THE BAY - Confessions of the Garretts, pt. 3

This 3rd Confession is from Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans). She talks more about Steve Jensen (Matthew Ashford) and how he has tormented her over the years, including nearly killing her son, Brian (Dylan Bruce). Aside from that, she describes how she was forced to stay on a yacht by an obsessed filmmaker and was rescued by an Italian painter named Arturo Tonelli (Matthew Borlenghi). Sara proves she is no docile victim when she "confesses" that she faked the kidnapping of daughter Marly (Martha Madison) in order to win her husband back from Janice (Lilly Melgar). Staples of the soap genre such as mistaken identity, amnesia and faked kidnappings are all showing up as well.

Mary Beth Evans is no stranger to over-the-top soap opera as she describes one crazy twist after another, somehow she makes it entirely believable that Sara Garrett is simply a woman who has lived an extraordinary life.

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