Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roger Howarth to return to OLTL!

( -- It was only a matter of time before speculation began about the the possibility of Roger Howarth returning to his "One Life to Live" roots soon after word broke late last year that CBS' "As The World Turns" would be ending its 54-year run on television. Now nine months later, Soap Opera Network has learned exclusively that Howarth will indeed be returning to the ABC soap in the near future.

"You thought the tease a couple weeks back with Tea proclaiming this isn’t Todd as she pointed to a picture of Roger Howarth was not the start of something bigger? Think again," says a setside source.

Speaking of Tea [Delgado], rumors have been running rampant that portrayer Florencia Lozano is out now that her character looks to be on death's door. When pressed for comment, an ABC spokesperson would only say "tune in tomorrow for Tea's fate."

A first airdate for Howarth has not been set, but we've been told to expect him on screen as early as December or January. But what does news of Howarth's return mean for Trevor St. John? It wouldn't be much of a stretch for the actor to have been playing an impostor after all this time as he originally joined the cast in May 2003 in the role of Walker Laurence, only to be revealed to be Todd Manning albeit with plastic surgery in August of that same year. We've been assured, however, that the actor's job is not in any danger.

Earlier this week there was a big deal made out of a "One Life to Live" cast meeting, which took place earlier today at the shows Manhattan studio. Could Howarth's return have been on the agenda at the big meeting? Will he be the real Todd Manning or will "One Life to Live" pull a "General Hospital" and have Howarth return as a new character leaving St. John in the role of Todd ala how "GH" handled the return of Sarah Joy Brown, who originated the role of Carly Corinthos only to find Laura Wright occupying the role? Stay tuned to find out.

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My comments: I'm so excited about this news, provided OLTL doesn't mess it up. I don't even care who's the real Todd and who's the long as both Trevor St. John and Roger Howarth stay mean and sexy (...and it would be nice if Howarth would grow the long biker hair back)! My question is (provided Tea doesn't really die -- I think Greg's poisoning her by Eli's order) which Todd will Blair end up...and which Todd will Tea end up with? This could be a great plot twist to raise OLTL out of the danger zone. It could be a bomb storyline that will sign their death warrant. Tune in for tomorrow!


  1. I hated it when Roger left the show but Trever has proved to be an excellent Todd. Trever is indeed a fine actor. If Roger comes back then I say let it be as another character. The show has room for them both. We know now that Tea isn't going anywhere, so let her and Todd be happy. Personally I'm sick of this back and forth thing with Todd and Blair. Thats getting pretty old. Come on writers get some new ideas..Quit going over the old stuff all the time.Thats whats wrong with most of the soaps these days...

  2. They going 2 pull a John/Roman stint. They'll rewrite Todd's whole history during the past 7 years and say that Mitch branishwashed Walker and had Todd tourched 4 all those years and because Kim Zimmer, who plays Echo had been involved in all those stuff on GL, they probaly have Echo play a big role in this storyline as well as David Vickers.

  3. I think that that would be the biggest bombshell ever, finding out that Todd has been an impostor this whole time. I loved Roger as Todd.

  4. Roger can come back as Todd's twin

  5. I loved Roger Howarth as Todd and will watch OLTL religiously if he comes back...I don't really care how....though he IS Todd.....

  6. Roger should come back as Todd and Todd only, I'm quite sick of him and Blair together as well but I think he should come back and get together with Tea and finally give her what she needs because she has always been the loyal one to him. I think that this story line should have something to do with Mitch, Walker, Tomas, and Vikki with the fact that Mitch is always trying to stick it to her in so many ways, what way then to take her real brother away.